The USCG Satisfaction and Release: A Form of Happiness

When we think of “happiness” in connection to a watercraft, multiple images may come to mind: a wild party with hundreds of your oldest friends as well as some new ones. Maybe you think about looking out over the railing during a sunset with a beloved. Or perhaps, alternatively, you can imagine riding a boat with your family, just enjoying a great day out on the lake. No matter how you view happiness on a vessel, if you need documentation for your vessel, we’ve got you covered. That’s true whether you need a USCG Satisfaction and Release form or any other.  

“Two Happiest Days of a Boat Owner’s Life”

If you’ve heard this phrase once a vessel owner, then you’ve probably heard it a thousand times: “the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life are the day they buy the vessel and the day they sell it.” That (rather droll) take on vessel ownership does, nonetheless, include quite a bit of truth. Many of us are deeply excited the day we purchase our vessel, as that’s a truly transformative purchase: now, we’ll be able to go out on the water with our family and friends, or we’ll be able to make more money with our (now) maritime business. By that same token, we’re often quite happy on the day we sell our vessel, too. That means we’ll have plenty more money in our accounts, and one less vessel to worry about.

USCG Satisfaction and Release

At Maritime Documentation Services, we’ll be able to help you when both days come around. For many, we make the “selling a vessel” part of the equation that much easier. To use an example, if you go to our site, you’ll find that we have a “Satisfaction and Release” form. With this, you can celebrate that happy day when you pay off your vessel lien (or someone pays off what they owe you). Then, you can make it official with just a few keystrokes. It’s one more way that we can make every step of the vessel documentation process that much easier.

Initial Documentation

By that same token, we also help quite a bit for when you first purchase your vessel. Should you buy a vessel and know that you’re eventually going to want documentation for it, we have all of the forms you need to get started before the vessel is even completed. With our “initial” forms, you can fill those out and get the ball rolling earlier. That way, when your vessel’s completed, you’ll be able to take it out on the water and enjoy it on your terms.

Help in the Middle, Too

Of course, most of our vessel owners don’t just buy vessels and then immediately sell them. There are plenty of days in between, too. So, our site has been specifically made to help vessel owners who are in every stage of vessel ownership. To see all of the forms that you might need, just head to our site or call us at (800) 535-8570.