The USCG and Your Vessels

Whether you have invested in a new pleasure craft to vacation and relax on, or you now own several boats that you are suing for your commercial business, you will find that you need to do business and transactions with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The Coast Guard is responsible for the National Vessel Documentation Center that maintains the national registry of commercial and recreational vessels. All your paperwork involving certification goes through this office, and you may have a constant need to work with the USCG. You may find that working with the Coast Guard can be challenging, and when it comes to the USCG and your vessels, it will be better for you to let us at the Maritime Documentation Center to give you assistance.

USCG and your vessels

The USCG and Paperwork

Because the USCG is responsible for keeping track of so many vessels in the water today, it is no wonder that the process can be slow and frustrating. Working with limited staff that must continuously process the additions and subtractions of new ships makes the process quite slow, and it is not unusual for things to take weeks or even months before you get what you need. The USCG also uses some outdated systems, requiring boat owners to often submit information through the mail instead of electronically, making things take even longer for you. This pace can be a problem for you when it involves your business, potentially delaying what you can do and costing you money and customers.

Help with the USCG

At the Maritime Documentation Center, we can offer you the assistance that makes it easier for you to work with the USCG regarding your vessels. We are an outside agency unaffiliated with the Coast Guard that does documentation processing for customers. As an intermediary for you, we can assist you with the submissions of documents and forms. We offer all the necessary applications on our website so that you can fill out what you need online and submit paperwork, supporting documents, and payment information to us within just a few minutes, day or night, using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our site is safe and secure, using the latest encryption technology, so you never need to have concerns about your data. We look your submissions over to ensure they are correct and then send them to the USCG for you, tracking progress so you know when you can expect what you need.

Take the Best Route for Your Vessels

If you want help dealing with the USCG and your vessels, come to us at the Maritime Documentation Center. You can visit our website and get started immediately. We make it easy for you to find the forms you need so you can just click and begin, whether you seek to register a new vessel, replace a certificate, file a lien satisfaction, or any of the other paperwork handled by the Coast Guard. Our services can make your life easier, so you have more time to focus on operating your boats or your business.