The Steps for Easy USCG Renewal

The weather is getting more beautiful all over the country as spring slowly leads into summer. This means you will need to start thinking about getting your boat to have it ready for your first trek out into the waters for the year. A lot of preparation goes into getting your vessel sea-ready as you clean, inspect and perform maintenance and any repairs you need. Now is the time for you to also think about your documentation for your vessel. If you have chosen to get federal documentation from the United States Coast Guard (USCG), you need to renew your certification every year to keep it active. If this is the first time you up for an easy USCG renewal, you should know that there are different ways that you can go about the process, including one that can be much easier for you.

Re-Certification through the USCG

One method you can use for renewal is to go directly to the Coast Guard for the process. Renewal is available by getting the necessary forms from the Coast Guard’s website. You will have to provide specific information regarding your vessel, including your current certificate number so that the Coast Guard can match up the information and make your account current. You want to renew your certificate within thirty days of expiration so that you do not have to go through the late renewal application process, which can cost you more money. Many boat owners find that the USCG website can be slow and cumbersome to use, slowing the process and making things difficult.

Easier Renewal is Here

If you want a more straightforward way to accomplish your USCG renewal, all you need to do is come to us at the Maritime Documentation Center. We offer a safe, secure, and quick method for you to renew your documentation and get the job done for the year. We have an encrypted portal for you to use that makes your transactions more secure than ever, and all the forms you may need are available right on our site so you can fill out everything electronically and send it to us. We screen your documents to make sure everything is correct before forwarding it on to the Coast Guard for processing, so they are no delays for you to worry about.

Start the Renewal Process

You want to make sure you have your documentation renewed before the boating year starts for you, and for the best way for USCG renewal, you want to use us at the Maritime Documentation Center. Come to our website today and click on the link for renewal and you will go directly to the form you need so you can get started. You can even choose automatic renewal for up to five years so you will not have to concern yourself with the process in the coming years. With our help, your only concern this year will be where you go with your vessel and how often you get to enjoy the open waters.