The Process of Watercraft Registration Made Easier

Purchasing and owning a boat places responsibility on your shoulders. The maintenance of a vessel of any size can take time and money, but it is necessary so you can keep the ship seaworthy and safe. Beyond that, you also have responsibilities when it comes to the paperwork involved with your boat. You may have monthly mortgage payments and insurance, and there are annual tasks you must take care of as well. From the moment you take ownership of the vessel, you need to make sure you have proper registration. Options do exist to take care of this paperwork and discovering the easiest method to use for your watercraft registration can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

watercraft registration

The Typical Registration Experience

In the United States, federal registration of a commercial or recreational craft is handled by the Coast Guard. The National Vessel Documentation Center oversees records, and all the forms and applications you fill out must go through their office. People are often surprised to learn that in this modern age, most of the processing and handling of documents need to be done through traditional mail systems instead of online. This method creates delays and lags and leaves your information open for theft and fraud. You may mail items in and then not hear anything for months, leaving you wondering if your forms ever reached their destination or if your payment information has been compromised.

The Better Registration Experience

Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we understand how frustrating the typical watercraft registration experience can be for consumers. That is why we have created a third-party business to help people deal with the Documentation Center. We provide all the registration forms you need to file with the Coast Guard, whether you are a new boat owner or seeking to renew your registration, and we have them all available in electronic form on our website. Our site uses the latest encryption technology so that you can be assured your data is safe and secure and you can fill out everything online for faster transmission to us.

Taking Care of Registration

With our help here at the Maritime Documentation Center, watercraft registration is easier than ever. You can come to our site at any time, day or night, to take care of any of the applications you might have to fill out for the Coast Guard. You can send your forms to us, along with any supporting documents and payment information, and we can take care of everything else involved for you. Our experts check your documents for you to eliminate errors before they are sent to the Coast Guard for approval. We also keep you informed regarding progress, so you never have lags or are wondering what happened to your forms and information. You can also call us whenever you may have a question or need assistance with paperwork. We are available Monday through Friday at (800) 535-8570 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM to help you so you can complete your registration.