The Endorsements for Ship Documentation Explained

USCG boat owners are responsible for educating themselves on the several sorts of endorsements that may be added to their ship documentation. The fact is, however, that not all endorsements are made equal, even though this misconception exists. There is a diverse selection of endorsements available, and each one serves a unique function in its own right. This article on the blog will explain what each endorsement entails and why they are significant. Boat owners must take the time to review all of this information before deciding which endorsement will serve them and their vessels best. You are required to have the correct documents to maintain your boat’s compliance with the requirements set out by the Coast Guard. For the various sorts of vessels, several kinds of endorsements are necessary to operate them. The following is a list of the many types of endorsements required for your ship’s paperwork.

Operator Endorsement

According to, a ship can’t sail away from its home port without first receiving the operator’s endorsement. If we do not have this endorsement, the vessel will not be able to set sail. The endorsement is given out by the state under which the vessel is registered. To receive an operator endorsement, the master of the ship must first have their license approved by the flag state in which they want to sail under a local charge. Only then will they be eligible to apply for an endorsement. When using for an endorsement, you will also be required to present evidence of your citizenship, proof of your certification to work as a professional mariner, and certificates of competence. A captain will get an operator’s certificate and an operator’s endorsement after they have met the requirements for the endorsement.

Tankerman Endorsement for Ship Documentation

A Tankerman endorsement is required for Merchant mariners who wish to operate aboard a tanker. The US Coast Guard and other nations demand this certification. The Tankerman course may only be taken in the United States if you have a valid Seaman’s book from the US Coast Guard. A valid passport and an agreement between your nation and the United States are required if you are not a US citizen. All of your paperwork has to be legitimate. 

Have you ever wondered what the tankerman endorsement stands for on your ship’s crew roster? In order to prove that a crew member has been appropriately trained to operate on a vessel with tanks, an endorsement is required. When you get an estimate from a maritime business, they’ll probably ask whether your boat has any tanks. Depending on your location and the flag state you operate under, you will require either an STCW or TC endorsement if this is the case. To avoid legal ramifications, it is essential to get the correct certification.

Engineer Endorsement

You’ll need an engineer endorsement for your ship documentation if you’re going to a jurisdiction that mandates the presence of an engineer on board. Your company’s engineer signing the endorsement must have a current marine license issued by the state where your company is based. Before moving forward with the application process, you must fully comprehend the implications of obtaining a new engineer endorsement. Before signing the endorsement, a newly hired engineer must complete the necessary training. 

Once they’ve completed their training, they may sit for the license test needed by their state’s board. To work as an engineer on any vessel that does not exceed 200 gross tons, they will be awarded a temporary license upon completing the test. After finishing this term, they will get a full license if their license has been maintained. They will be unable to sign an endorsement on your paperwork if they let their license expire or fail to renew it.

Ship Documentation

Radioman Endorsement

To get a Merchant Mariner Credential for one of their officers, ship owners utilize a Radioman Endorsement. The first step for a shipowner is applying to the Coast Guard for an officer’s endorsement. The application will ask for the applicant to be identified as an officer on a commercial marine vessel for a specific employment category. Candidates for this endorsement must pass a written exam that tests their understanding of communications equipment, navigation laws, regulations, and basic seamanship. It is possible to take the test at any time once a Third Mate’s license is obtained. A person must wait three years before reapplying for another endorsement after getting their Merchant Mariner Credential. As a last resort, individuals may seek endorsements in other shipboard vocations that they are qualified for.

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