The Abstract of Title

Have you been trying to learn all you can about a vessel for a prospective purchase? Are you concerned that, once you purchase the vessel, you’re going to find something out that makes it a bad decision in retrospect? These are common concerns that people in your position have had for decades if not centuries. Fortunately, there’s one source of information you can trust, one way you can find out everything you need to know: an Abstract of Title. You can find it and several other helpful forms right at our site. 

What an Abstract of Title Is 

Despite the (somewhat) odd sounding name, this is really a form that just tells you the Complete History of a Vessel, more or less. You’ll know exactly when the vessel was manufactured, as well as everyone who has owned the vessel. If major work was done on it and when – that’s included, too. One of the most helpful factoids about these: they tell you if there were any mortgages or liens against the vessel. Additionally, they tell you if there are any mortgages or liens against the vessel. That can be utterly invaluable. 

How It Helps 

To post a hypothetical, imagine that you’re talking to someone online about their vessel. It all sounds pretty great: the vessel has a clean history, it’s paid off, and it all looks good. Doing your due diligence, you opt to get this Abstract from us. Reading it, you learn that the vessel actually had a hole in the hull replaced a short time ago. Moreover, there’s still an unpaid mortgage on it. By getting the form, you saved yourself all kinds of time as well as consternation (to say nothing of the money). 

What to Do If the Vessel Is Overseas 

You may have noticed that the Abstract we offer is for vessels in America. However, if you have your eye on a vessel in another country, we can still probably help there as well. You can find out just about as much from the “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request / Transcript of Registry” form at our site. There, you can learn more or less all that you’d get from the Abstract, just you’ll learn it about vessels in Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, the United Kingdom, as well as the British Virgin Islands. 

Once You’ve Made the Purchase of a Lifetime

Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we want to be a resource for vessel owners. Indeed, we’ve had so many vessel owners over the years come back to us for one Abstract after another. Of course, hopefully, you get the Abstract, everything looks great, and then you go on to purchase the vessel. From there, we have all of the forms you’ll need for the course of vessel ownership, too. That means the registration, the renewal, and so much more. To see all that we offer, head to our site or call (800) 535-8570.