Step by Step Guide for a Boat Bill of Sale Form

It’s vital to ensure you have all the proper documentation before buying or selling a boat since doing either of those things may be an exciting process. Because a bill of sale form for a boat is one of the most critical papers involved in the transaction, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the information that should be included in it. This manual will take you through the procedure step by step to ensure that your bill of sale has all of the necessary information and is correct. Are you interested in purchasing a brand-new boat? You must complete a Boat Bill of Sale form in such a case. Here are some helpful hints that will make the procedure go more efficiently.

Make Sure You Have All The Information You Need Before You Start Filling Out The Form 

Before you and the seller sign a bill of sale for a yacht, double-check the details to ensure they are accurate. According to, each party’s complete name and address must be provided to the other before any transaction occurs. Social security numbers and contact information should be readily available for both parties. In addition to the asking price, you’ll need the boat’s year of manufacture, make, model, serial number, and hull identification number (if applicable). 

Ensure you’ve spoken to everyone who needs to be talked to and gathered all the necessary information before starting the boat bill of sale form. An effective technique to collect and verify all the pertinent data needed for selling a boat is using a form. Even after an agreement has been struck verbally, it is prudent to put the price in writing for future reference. In the event of a disagreement later on, a written record of the decisions made may be referred back to.

The Buyer And Seller Should Both Sign The Boat Bill of Sale Form.

Purchasing or selling a yacht maybe both exhilarating and challenging. Several factors need to be taken into accounts, such as the price of the vessel and the legal and financial repercussions that the transaction would have. Both parties must fill out and sign the boat Bill of Sale form to provide a record of everything purchased and sold as part of the transaction. This is where you should begin, regardless of whether you want to have your boat bill of sale form notarized by an attorney or a public notary. When purchasing a boat, you will interact with a number of different persons, including your insurance provider, your bank, the boat dealer, and any other parties involved. It is essential to record the individuals participating in each stage of the process, mainly when several persons are involved.

The Date Of Sale Should Be Included On The Form.

On the form, you need to write down the date of the sale. This may seem to be a minor point. Still, it has the potential to become a contentious issue if another document, such as a title certificate or insurance policy, indicates an earlier date. Suppose there are multiple dates listed on different documents. In that case, you risk getting in trouble with the authorities if they discover later that the date on the bill of sale isn’t consistent with other paperwork. 

If multiple dates are listed on different documents, you risk getting in trouble with the authorities. It is necessary to provide the full name and address of both parties participating in the transaction whenever required. You can also specify any additional terms and conditions that you would want to have included in your agreement inside this area.

Boat Bill Of Sale Form

Keep A Copy Of The Completed Form For Your Records

You and the seller will have to work out this if you’re making a private sale. Some websites give typical costs for boats in different areas, which might be helpful if you’re purchasing from an individual or company selling many ships at once. Established pricing for the desired model may already exist at the dealership. Make sure there’s no misunderstanding regarding the agreed-upon price by recording it on the boat bill of sale form after it’s been settled. 

Next, jot down the specifics of your transaction, including when and where you’ll be making your purchase and whether you’ll be using cash or a credit card. Make sure you save a copy of the finalized form for audit purposes. This will come in handy if you ever need to file paperwork with the federal, state, or local government to have your boat officially recognized.

If you are buying a new or used boat, it’s a good idea to speak with an expert at the Maritime Documentation Center today at 800-535-8570 for more information about how to get the bill of sale form you need for your specific needs.