Should You Use the USCG Portal?

You probably have heard of the USCG portal and you might be wondering why you should use it or even what it is. If you own a registered boat it’s important to be responsible for the documentation you processes. Being able to review and obtain that documentation quickly can help with moving through legal processes quickly (such as selling your boat or providing proof of documentation). You may think that once everything is filed, done and dusted, there won’t be much or any reason for you to need to get in contact with the USCG. However, the portal and the USCG website are only here to keep you informed and up to date on any changes or paperwork that you need. Using the portal could help you to remain organized and in control.   

Using the USCG portal can help you to remain current with any new qualifications are a boat owner. This publicly accessible portal can keep you on the up and up with any news that the US Coast Guard deems important. These news segments and updates could be critically important to keep your safe and within the law while out at sea. The USCG portal can also provide you with a plethora of information that you may have trouble finding elsewhere. This can include rules and regulations as well as specific forms. It can be a great resource for answering any questions that you might have about boat ownership, selling your vessel or the legal requirements needed to run and maintain your boat. Being connected with the portal means being connected with up to date information. You don’t want to work on assumptions or misinformation.

Another great reason to use the portal is that you have easy access to the Nation Vessel Documentation Center. It can be incredibly annoying, difficult and frustrating to get the right documentation when you are first starting out with boating. The USCG has made it easier than every by supplying you with all the documentation you could need. You can use this section of the site to easily obtain paperwork such as applications, You can also field requests to the Coast Guard if you can’t find or don’t know of which documentation you specifically need. You can also use the portal to update information when necessary.

If you are confused about the process of filing and requesting the right documentation you can always depend on third-party organizations like ours. The Maritime Vessel Documentation is dedicated to making these processes easy for you by having everything all in one place. We can assist you with your filing needs to the Coast Guard and make the process incredibly easy. If you don’t have the time to have your documents shipped back and form due to error, don’t worry! Our job here is to review your paperwork and correct any mistakes you may make while filling it out. You can look on our website for any further information regarding filing and make your process smooth and effortless.