Selling Your Boat is More Than Just Filling Out a US Coast Guard Bill of Sale Form

Are you preparing a boat for sale? It can be exciting to sell your current vessel and use the funds to buy a new one. However, there’s more to the sale than the US Coast Guard bill of sale form. Taking the process step by step ensures that you don’t miss anything important and that you aren’t faced with fines or penalties that take time and money to fix. Here are some other important things to do with your boat, in addition to a correctly filled out bill of sale form. 

Clean the Entire Boat

Cleaning and detailing your boat, both inside and outside, is an easy way to give the extra sparkle it needs to appeal to buyers. Wash the hull to get rid of any dirt and debris and polish any metal or fiberglass on the exterior of the boat. You should also clean the inside, including the upholstery, floors, and walls. Doing so regularly maintains the boat and makes it easier to sell, but it also ensures that it looks nice when potential buyers look at it. 

Make All Necessary Repairs

In addition to giving your boat a good cleaning, you should also take care of repairs that are needed. This includes changing spark plugs, filters, and oil. Check the battery to be sure it’s in good working order and isn’t about to die. If you have an older boat, it might make it easier to sell if you update the electrical system, navigation system, depth finder, and stereo. It’s also imperative to make any repairs that are needed for safety. Beyond that, you can repair minor issues to improve the look of the boat, if you feel it will help make the sale. 

Take Stunning Photos

If you plan to advertise your boat for sale online, you’ll want to capture it in its best form. That means finding a lovely backdrop and finding the right lighting to make the boat look its best. Maybe you take it out on the lake or frame it with the marina in the background. Whatever you choose, take plenty of photos so you can choose the best-looking options.

US Coast Guard Bill of Sale Form

Create Detailed Descriptions

The more a potential buyer knows about the boat, the higher the chances they’ll be interested in it. Include as much detail as possible when you list the boat. That includes details like the age and size of the boat, but also any upgrades and maintenance that has been performed on the vessel. The more information you include, the better the chance that you’ll only hear from serious buyers. But don’t go overboard and too much detail may mean that a buyer moves on, rather than reading all of it. 

Ready to put your boat up for sale and need help with the steps required? Or do you need assistance with facilitating the US Coast Guard bill of sale form? The US Vessel Registrar is here to help. Contact us today with your questions and we’ll answer them for you.