Renewing Ship Documentation: The Procedure

Ship documentation is a requirement for commercial-use boats. If you are using your boat for recreational purposes, you might not need to document it. However, there are various benefits to documenting your vessel. It is one reason many boat owners whose boats are qualified for documentation go for it. 

What are the Steps to Follow in Renewing Ship Documentation

Just like any other official document, boat documentation requires periodic renewal to maintain its validity and uphold regulatory standards. It serves as evidence of a boat’s compliance with international maritime regulations and standards. Renewal ensures that the boat continues to meet the required safety, security, and environmental guidelines, which are crucial for the protection of crew members, passengers, and the marine environment. 

Identification of Expiry Dates

As a boat owner, it is your job to be acquainted with your boat documentation’s expiration date. You must proactively monitor the dates of various documents, including USCG boat documentation. It ensures that the renewal process is initiated promptly to avoid disruption in operations. 

Preparing Required Documents 

When the renewal process is initiated you must gather the necessary documents for it. It may include application forms, which you can access through our website, surveys, inspection reports, and additional paperwork specified by the relevant maritime authority or classification society. 

Inspection and Surveys 

Depending on the type of documentation being renewed, your ship may undergo surveys and inspections carried out by authorized organizations. These inspections assess the vessel’s compliance with safety, security, and environmental regulations. The surveys may include hull inspections, machinery inspections, safety equipment checks, and more. 

Submission of Renewal Application 

Once the required comments are ready and inspections are completed, you can submit your renewal application online. The application must include the necessary forms. These forms are available through our website. You can view them on the right side of this page. Make sure that you fill them out completely. Otherwise, your renewal application will be rejected by the authorized body. 

Receiving Renewed Documentation 

It can take a few days or weeks to receive the renewed documentation. It can include updated certificates, licenses, and other relevant paperwork. You should keep them onboard your boat and make them available for inspection by relevant authorities. 

Why Document Your Boat 

Documentation offers a lot of benefits. For one, it is easier to sell it. You can also obtain financing easily because your boat will be eligible for a First Preferred Ship Mortgage. It is the safest form of security a bank or lender can have on your ship. 

Ship Documentation

Why Choose Our Services? 

It takes time to accomplish the process of renewing your documentation. But if you let us handle the task, we can complete the entire procedure quickly. We handle all your documentation needs and assist with obtaining other licenses. Just let us know what you need and our staff will handle it for you. 

We make it easy for you to renew your ship documentation. Complete the application on our site or call us if you want to do it over the phone.