Ready to Renew Your Coast Guard Documentation?

You have spent the last year making the most of every moment you could on your boat. Since you made the purchase, you have loved your time out on the water with friends, family, or even by yourself. You made sure you did everything right after you bought your boat, going through the registration process with the Coast Guard so you are part of the federal registry. However, if you are doing all this for the first time, you may not have realized that your registration expires each year. Without a valid renewal, you could be using your boat illegally and run the risk of getting fined. If it is time for you to look at how to renew your Coast Guard documentation, we at the Maritime Documentation Center can give you the help you need.

The Renewal Process with the Coast Guard

If you have not had to renew registration just yet, you may find that dealing with the Coast Guard is not as easy as you might hope. Finding the application you need for renewal can take some work on their website, and then you must spend time filling it all out, getting your payment information done, and sending it all to the Coast Guard. The forms can be confusing, and if you make a mistake, the Coast Guard returns it all to you, so you must do it again, further delaying your renewal. The frustration and stress can make it seem like it is not worth it to you at all.

renew your Coast Guard documentation

Renew Your Coast Guard Documentation with Ease

There is a better way for you to renew the Coast Guard documentation, and at Maritime Documentation Center, you will find just what you need to make it all happen. We put the renewal form front and center on our portal so you will have no trouble finding it at all. Our site is designed so that you can fill out the application electronically, allowing you to complete the process quickly and make your application when it is convenient for you. Our site is safe and secure. So, you can transmit the form to us and we will look at it for you to make sure you made no mistakes before it gets to the Coast Guard.

Renew Documentation Each Year with Us

At the Maritime Documentation Center, we make it easy for you to renew your Coast Guard vessel documentation each year. In fact, our system is set up so we can automatically renew for you each year so you never have to worry about forgetting to file your paperwork. You can set up the system so it can be completed year after year right away so your COD stays active and valid. Come to our website and find out just how easy it can be for you to renew or take care of any of your registration needs when you work with us. If you ever have any questions, you can always phone us at (800) 535-8570 and a staff member will be glad to help you out with what you need.