Processing United States Coast Guard Documentation Easier

Summer is already here, with sunny days emerging after a while and the feeling of the wind coming to your face with the vast immensity of the blue ocean surrounding you is closer than ever. There is, however, one more step you will need to take before setting sail: getting your United States Coast Guard documentation in order will definitely save you from having to pay a costly fine or, even worse, not being able to leave the deck after planning your trip for a while.

United States Coast Guard Documentation

Vessels planning to engage in any type of commercial activities will be required to comply with the appropriate United States Coast Guard documentation. Those boats that only navigate as a leisure activity, do not have the need to register with the US Coast Guard, though they will need to make sure they do meet the requirements from their appropriate state.

A US Coast Guard documented vessel will serve the purpose of “proof of ownership”. This means that showing your documentation will confirm that you are the legal owner of your vessel. In the case you lend your boat to someone who does not have a boating license, this paper may prove to be helpful as well. There are a few more advantages to registering your boat with the USCG, that we will be telling as follows.

Advantages from Registering your Vessel With the US Coast Guard

One of the main advantages of having your boat documented is that it will facilitate the process of traveling from state to state. Although some states may require your boat to be registered at their own institution, most of them recognize the federal level of the United States Coast Guard documentation. Furthermore, when navigating internationally, some countries may require you to be registered with the USCG, to be protected by several international accords.

In addition to that, the US Coast Guard Documentation will give you some protection when a disagreement over your vessel occurs. The paperwork provided will demonstrate that your boat is well maintained and, more importantly, that is yours. This may prove to be helpful in a scenario of a dispute with another vessel in which you can prove your right over the craft in a simpler way.

United States Coast Guard Documentation

All of your Forms in One Place

Lastly, but not less important, another factor you may want to consider is that the United States Coast Guard Documentation in most cases also increases the resale value of your boat. This is because normally, to have it documented, you will need to keep an accurate record of its history and show that it has been well maintained.

As you have seen, there are several advantages to registering your vessel within the USCG. The problem is, that it is not always simple to do it. And that is when the Maritime Documentation Center comes into place. If you are yet not exactly sure how all of this process works, we have got you covered. Our easy-to-navigate platform will guide you through the forms you will need to complete and guess what: you will also be able to do it online, so your registration will be ready in a matter of minutes. Get in touch with us and we will do the rest!