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Imagine spending a day on the water with your family and friends, relaxing and having fun. Your USCG registry certificate is suddenly demanded by one of your fellow boat owners. Suddenly. Are you carrying it? There is a lot at stake if this isn’t taken care of. As a result, the other boater feels justified in refusing to accompany you back ashore. Their first instinct is to phone the US Coast Guard to alert them to what they perceive to be dangerous behavior on the part of someone else.

When you return home that night, you understand how critical it is to always have your USCG registry certificate with you on board your vessel. The good news is that our SSL-encrypted site now securely allows you to view and download all USCG certifications. The sooner you join up, the sooner you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your certificate is always only a few clicks away.

Reduced Fees for Annual Renewal and Replacement Decals

Have you heard that owners of Coast Guard boats can now make time and financial savings? Suppose you register your vessel with the Maritime Documentation Center, the industry’s most reputable boat documentation center. In that case, you are eligible to receive discounts on the fees associated with the annual renewal and the purchase of replacement decals.

By choosing to renew your membership through the mail, you will be able to save both time and effort. In addition, rather than having you send in your documents annually to maintain your certifications, we will send them back to you. According to the state.gov, the process of registering is very straightforward. We will require the vessel type and the hull identification number (HIN). Provide us with the name of the manufacturer and the model of your boat or the serial number provided by the manufacturer if you cannot provide us with the HIN.

USCG Registry

Automatic Email Notification When Your USCG Registry Is About to Expire

As soon as you realize that the deadline for renewing your USCG registry is drawing near, you will completely forget about it. Because you are the owner of a marina and have been a valued customer for many years, we felt it would be helpful to notify you via email when your membership expires because we know you would appreciate the heads-up. More than eighty percent of customers have used this no-cost service.

Even under the best of conditions, subscribers to the email list maintained by the Maritime Documentation Center are prone to forgetting to renew their annual registration on the appropriate day. As a direct consequence of this, the percentage of renewals has significantly increased. Customers can keep using their DBA names or vessel registrations without experiencing any disruptions. As a direct result, utilizing the same technique to make a payment also allows you to use a credit card.

Easy Online Access to Your Registration Records 24/7

The Maritime Documentation Center has assisted thousands of boat owners with their USCG (United States Coast Guard) boat documentation needs for more than 20 years. During that period, we have witnessed how important it is for them to have a simple means to access the data of their documented boats around the clock. Because of this, we decided to offer a service called USCG registry online for boat owners who have previously acquired a USCG Documentation Package from our company. Thanks to online boat registration, the United States Coast Guard can access a searchable database of all of its named boats. The United States Coast Guard may use this information to determine who owns what boat and where it is situated.

Options For Paperless Billing and Automatic Renewal

The Maritime Documentation Center offers boat owners an alternative to submitting paper invoices for boat registration, ownership, and other boating paperwork. You can get your bill emailed to you or have it sent to you. You won’t get any further billing bills for more than a year from now, regardless of whatever option you choose. We can help you automate the process of the USCG registry for a vessel right away.

We make it simple for you to ensure that the information on file with the United States Coast Guard about your boat registration is always up to date. We make the process of acquiring new boating papers or updating your existing ones simple, trustworthy, safe, and secure for you. We are thrilled to provide our services to a diverse clientele, ranging from seasoned boaters who want to keep their USCG paperwork current to novice purchasers who want some guidance on their recent investment.

And best of all, the Maritime Documentation Center is here to help you every step of the way. Call our friendly customer service staff at 800-535-8570, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.