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Did you know that you need various USCG documents to undertake activities like fishing and diving? When you own a boat, you’re subject to various additional obligations. The internet platform provided by the Maritime Paperwork Center provides a straightforward and safe method for the transfer and exchange of USCG documentation. The Maritime Paperwork Center is available to assist you in any way, whether you need to transfer registration documents or merely validate the legitimacy of someone else’s documentation. When you use a platform provided by a Maritime Documentation Center, you can now benefit from document transfer operations and confirmation and validation services. Check out this website if you’re seeking a fast and easy method to trade US Coast Guard papers. It has all the information you could need. Here are reasons why you should trust us with your transfer:

We Have Over 25 Years of Experience in Maritime Documentation Transfers.

Transferring USCG documents calls for a company with a good track record of doing it accurately. We’ve been exchanging papers at ports throughout the country for more than 25 years. We don’t want any surprises to come in the way of your document transfer, unlike some other organizations in this field. Make sure your standards are up to date and correct with our help. Consequently, your USCG documentation will arrive on time and without any hassle. As a result, we’ve developed a convenient online solution to let you move your C-Card and other key Certificates of Documentation (CDs). Avoid expensive blunders or invalid judgments by employing the incorrect transfer and exchange of USCG documentation preparation service. Begin your journey toward a lucrative career in marine vessel operations with us now.

Transfer and Exchange of USCG Documentation

We’re Specialists in the Transfer and Exchange of USCG Documentation.

The transfer of USCG records from one owner to the next may be a complicated and time-consuming operation. According to, it’s possible to lose your registration or face significant penalties if you don’t follow the necessary procedures. Many companies in the United States may claim to be able to assist you with the transfer of USCG documents.

Because of that, there are several reasons why you should entrust this company with the transfer of your paperwork. We can confidently declare that we are experts in transmitting documents between parties. The response we’ve had from customers who’ve had their ships transferred by us has been overwhelmingly good throughout the years, whether they were business boats or pleasure craft. Second, only to sail on your new boat will we make the procedure as simple as possible. Our team of Certified Document Examiners will thoroughly examine all the information. Fill out the application, and we’ll offer you advice on how to move your boat without falling into typical traps!

We’re reliable and trustworthy.

Maritime Documentation Center is the reliable business you should go with since we guarantee that we will meet all of your needs using the most recent information available. Since we are aware that laws and regulations may be subject to modification, we regularly update our database to guarantee that all prerequisites are satisfied. The Maritime Documentation Center has helped commercial and recreational boaters for more than 18 years; therefore, our personnel are well-versed in the topic, have undergone proper training, and have worked in this business. And naturally, the Maritime Documentation Center is a licensed Documentation Transfer Facility (DTF) that the United States Coast Guard has authorized. This implies that they have a complete awareness of the procedures, rules, formalities, and policies about the transfer and exchange of USCG documentation.

Our Fees Are Highly Competitive and Transparent

How many steps will you and your team have to do before the transfer procedure can be finished? You have to consider both the time and money required before deciding whether to outsource or do it yourself. It’s always good to deal with a firm that does both in today’s environment of decreasing costs without sacrificing service quality! You won’t believe your eyes when you see how cheap we’ve gotten our prices. Knowing that you have an option to entrust your assets to someone else is a good thing to know. Because we are a courier for seafarer papers at the Maritime Documentation Center, our costs are always the same and transparent. Unlike other transfer businesses, we do not charge additional fees for additional services.

Are you looking to replace your USCG documentation? The Maritime Documentation Center is here to help whether you’re looking to transfer with us or not. Our staff is standing by, ready to take your call. Give us a call at 800-535-8570 or click “Make an Appointment Now,” We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, explain our process, and see if we are the right fit for you.