Old Boat Names vs. New Boat Names: Finding the Right One for Your Boat

Are you deciding whether to keep the old name of your boat or give her a brand-new one, but can’t decide which option is right for you? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we take a hard look at the pros and cons of deciding between old boat names vs. new boat names. Of course, at our vessel documentation site, you can choose a vessel name when you file your initial vessel documentation. By that same token, we also have the forms you need to rename your vessel, too. 

Old Boat Names vs. New Boat Names: New Name Benefits

Giving your boat a fresh name can be a thrilling experience for many boaters. Apart from adding a cool factor to your vessel, renaming it can give it a new lease of life, and revitalize the relationship between you and your boat. It also opens an avenue for new memories and adventures. With a new boat name, you can showcase your creativity and personality, and maybe even pay homage to a loved one or place dear to your heart. Moreover, renaming your boat is seen as an auspicious ritual in some cultures. It is believed to appease the gods of the sea and ensure a safe voyage. So, if you’re looking for ways to add a fresh wave of enthusiasm to your boating life, giving your boat a new name might just be the way to go.

Benefits of Keeping an Old Boat Name

Naming a boat is an exciting process for any vessel owner, and many choose to keep the name that the boat came with when they purchase it. But did you know that keeping an old boat name can offer additional benefits beyond sentimental value? Keeping the same boat name can make it easier for others to find and identify your vessel while out on the water, making communication and safety procedures smoother and more efficient. Changing a vessel’s name is your decision to make, of course, but many a sailor has gone to sleep resolute about changing their vessel’s name only to find that they feel differently when they arise with the dawn. 

Rules for Changing Your Vessel’s Name

When it comes to naming your vessel, there are certain legal restrictions that you should be aware of. The U.S. Coast Guard has strict rules on what types of names are allowed for boats and ships. For example, you cannot use a name that is vulgar or offensive in nature, a name that is similar to an existing vessel, or something that may sound even slightly like something used to solicit assistance at sea. If you feel that a vessel name is “on the line,” use your common sense. Remember: you’re going to be associated with this name. So, choose something you want people to associate with you for a long time to come. 

Old Boat Names

Vessel Documentation for Names and More 

At our site, you can pick out the initial name for your vessel with your documentation application. Then, in time, should you decide that you want to change your vessel’s name, you can do that at our site, too. Of course, that’s just some of what our documentation can do. Click here to see everything we offer.