National Vessel Documentation Center Forms for Financing, Liens, and More

Have you been looking to get financing for your vessel? Does the owner of a documented vessel owe you money for services you provided and they have yet to pay you? Did you get to the point where you’re able to pay off your ship’s mortgage and want to seal the deal? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, we can help. We have the National Vessel Documentation Center forms that can allow you to perform all of those actions and so much more. Moreover, we offer the forms in an easy-to-use format, too. 

Getting a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage 

A Preferred Ship’s Mortgage is just like it sounds: a mortgage that may be very preferable to what you’re looking for. However, to even qualify for this, your vessel needs to be documented. Or, at the very least, an application for your initial documentation, an exchange of documentation, or a replacement Certificate of Documentation has to be on file with the powers that be. Of course, we can help you to do all of that as well at our site. As long as that’s the case, you can use this form at our site to file for your mortgage. 

Once You’ve Paid Off Your Preferred Ship’s Mortgage 

The day that you get your vessel is exciting. The day that you apply for (and receive) a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage can also be pretty great. However, for many, the very best day of vessel ownership is when you pay that mortgage off. When that wonderful time comes, we can be there for you, too. At our site, you’ll find the “Satisfaction/Release of Mortgage/Lien” form. We’ve made it so that you can fill this form out from anywhere, so long as you’re connected to the internet. 

NCL: To Get the Money You Owe 

Did you do some work on someone’s vessel, whether it was painting, repairs, maintenance, or something similar, but they never paid you what they said they would? Unfortunately, that kind of thing happens more than you think. Should it happen to you, you can file what’s called an “NCL” (which stands for “Notice of Claim of Lien”) through our site. Now, we’re a vessel documentation center – we aren’t lawyers. We can’t tell you whether or not your lien is valid, that’s for you to determine with counsel. But, we can make it easier to file the notice. 

National Vessel Documentation Center Forms

All the National Vessel Documentation Center Forms You’ll Need 

The above are just some of the forms that we offer which are related to financing. The truth is that you can find just about every single form of documentation you’ll need throughout the course of your vessel ownership at our site. For example, you have to renew your documentation every year… Unless, of course, you go through our site, as you can renew it for several years in advance. To see all that we offer or to speak to our staff, head to our site or call (800) 535-8570.