Obtaining a National Vessel Documentation Center Abstract of Title

Knowing as much as you can about a big purchase of an item like a luxury boat or yacht just makes good sense. You do not want to invest the kind of money necessary to buy an item like this without knowing as much as possible about it first. You may take a lot of time looking into the car you want to buy, but a vessel like a yacht costs significantly more, and the less thing you want is to invest and find out there are all kinds of issues and problems that you must now deal with. Doing a little bit of homework of your own before you agree to buy a boat on the secondary market does not take a lot of time and can be extremely helpful to you. Obtaining a National Vessel Documentation Center abstract of title is just one simple step you can take to stay informed.

 What is a National Vessel Documentation Center Abstract of Title

A title abstract for a vessel is similar to an abstract you would get before you buy a house. The abstract will give you background information about the bout you have interest in. You will see all the information that has been provided to the NVDC over the years as it relates to the ship. This can include mortgage information and details about any liens that have or continue to exist on the boat. You want to make sure no difficulties exist, or liens exist that could either hinder your purchase or leave you responsible for debts from previous owners.

Getting an Abstract

Obtaining a National Vessel Documentation Center abstract of title does involve some steps you need to take. First, you need to fill out the application for the abstract. Locating the form at the NVDC website can cause you a bit of frustration because it is not as straightforward as you might think it should be. Once you do have the form and download it, you need to fill it out and then mail it, along with your payment, to the NVDC office and then wait for a response. If all of this seems a bit long to you, you are right, which is why we at the Maritime Documentation Center have come up with a better way for you to get an abstract.

The Easier Way to an Abstract

If you want to obtain a National Vessel Documentation Center abstract of title without hassles, come to us at the Maritime Documentation Center. We give you access to the application on our website so that you can fill out your request electronically. You can transmit the application to us, where will look it over for accuracy, before sending it on to the NVDC for you. In just a few minutes you can have the application process completed and sent so that you can get your reply faster and find out what you need to know most about the boat you are interested in.