Maritime Documents Renewal – What To Do?

If you’re a commercial boat owner, you are required by federal law to maintain proper documentation on your vessel. If your USCG certificate documentation has expired, it’s time to renew. However, if you are already 30+ days past your maritime documents renewal date, you will need to complete a reinstatement in order to comply with federal regulations. makes it easy to get back on track in just a few clicks of a button. We are a third party private agency with a team of professionals that manages USCG documentation processing. You can trust our experts to guide you and answer your questions with complete accuracy. We’ll ensure you have what you need to keep your vessel afloat.

How to renew USCG documentation online?

When you are ready, visit our renewal page, where you will complete an Application for Renewal of Maritime Documentation. If you’re already 30 days past your expiration period, you will need to get your certificate reinstated. You can find the expiration detail on the CG-1270.

There is a nonrefundable processing fee of $75 to complete your renewal documentation. Please ensure that you are completing the correct form before you submit your payment.

After completing your application, our team of reviewers will examine your documents to check for any errors that could delay processing.

If you would like a two-year renewal, there is an additional fee of $75. Three-year renewals are also available for an additional $150, and a five-year option is offered for an extra $300.

If you are still not sure which application to complete, you may contact the National Vessel Documentation Center or speak with someone from our team for further assistance.

The Marine Documentation Center is not just for renewing your COD. You can also utilize our tools for requesting an Abstract of Title, certified true copy, transfer or exchange, and several other services related to USCG documentation.

We accept all major credit cards; however, please remember that the fee is non-refundable. If you have any concerns regarding your documentation, our team will work with you directly to update your file and ensure accuracy, before your submission is sent over to the United States Coast Guard.

Our website offers fast, secure, and accurate service that you can depend on. To start your COD application, please go to our Renewal page. We’re available to help you boat responsibly!