Let Us Help You With A US Coast Guard Registration Search

Buying a second hand boat can be the start of fulfilling a dream of sailing the ocean or expanding your business by shipping to nearby countries. Buying a vessel is usually uncomplicated, and the documents change hands with very little problem. However, if you want to reassure yourself that you are not wasting your money on a bad boat, or that there are hidden liens that might come due once ownership is transferred, then you might want to consider performing a US Coast Guard registration search for the name and documentation number of the vessel you are considering. Maritime Documentation Center teams are extremely experienced in performing just this sort of search through the USCG portal.

Performing The Search

The first thing that you will need when you go to perform the search is the documentation number of the boat. This is the registration number, and can be found on the outside of the hull, or in the interior of the vessel. This number indicates that the vessel has been previously registered, and this means that you should be able to successfully find the boat again during a USCG search. We also recommend that you choose to have the other details of the vessel, including its name and its registered owner, to make sure that the registration is legitimate. Having all of the details to hand means that you can check the information at the USCG with the facts about the boat you intend to buy. This will help you to avoid buying a vessel which is not what it claims to be.

US Coast Guard registration search

Uncover The History Of The Boat

When we help you to perform a USCG search, we will be helping you to uncover details of the boat, including facts about its past, such as its origins and its first owner. You will also be able to see whether the documentation is current, and if there are still any outstanding liens on the vessel. The seller may be intending to sell the boat and pay off his loan, but you still need to be sure that there are no nasty financial surprises around the corner. If you do discover that the boat’s registration has lapsed, this is easily fixed by submitting a renewal form when you buy the vessel. However, if you find liens then you should insist that they are cleared before you take ownership of the boat.

Get Help With Your Search

We know that conducting a US Coast Guard registration search is not always easy, and so you may need help from the Maritime Documentation Center to help you negotiate your way through the search pages. We can help you to perform the search, and tell you what details are important so that you know exactly what you are looking at. If you are considering conducting a search, let us help you by sending us an online query with your information, or call us at 1 (800) 535-8570 now.