Keeping Coast Guard Vessel Documentation As Your Life Changes

Have you undergone a significant life change and aren’t sure how it relates to your Coast Guard vessel documentation? Do you think you need to make some alterations, but aren’t sure which ones or how to go about it? We’ve helped vessel owners with that since the very beginning. The truth is that, as much as we chart a course for our lives, inevitably, there are going to be course corrections, weather changes, and we’ll have to tack one way or another. At the Maritime Documentation Center, we’ve got the forms you’ll need to keep in compliance no matter what. 

Did You Change Your Vessel’s Hailing Port or Your Own Home? 

Many of us change homes more often than we change vessels. If that’s the case, if you’ve moved to an address that is not currently on your documentation, then we have the form to help you to stay in compliance. Alternatively, have you changed your vessel’s hailing port? Is there a hailing port that’s closer to your new home, or just somewhere new? If either of the above are the case, then you want to use our forms for changing your vessel’s hailing port and address. 

Does It Feel Like It’s Time to Change Your Vessel’s Name? 

As much as anything else, a vessel’s name is associated with its owner. When someone sees or even hears the name of the vessel, they’ll connect it to you. This is why, of course, you want to choose a name that you’d want to be associated with you at the very onset of vessel ownership. However, this is one more area where you may want to change things up at some point. Perhaps the old name doesn’t resonate with you as it once did, maybe you’ve thought of something you like better, or perhaps it’s just time for a fresh start. You can change your vessel’s name at our site, too. 

Have you Lost Your Certificate of Documentation? 

If you’ve lost your Certificate of Documentation, or even if it’s been badly damaged, it might feel like it’s not a big deal. After all, it’s 2021. You can just keep a copy of this form on your phone, in the cloud, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A physical copy of the Certificate of Documentation is necessary to be in compliance with the Coast Guard. You can file for a replacement at our site. 

A Center for Coast Guard Vessel Documentation 

The above are just some of the forms that we offer for when life changes. For example, perhaps you want to get financing for your vessel, we have the forms for that as well. Maybe an opportunity has arisen where you want to use a vessel that wasn’t made in America to transport up to twelve people. That’s what the MARAD Waiver was built for. If you have any questions about these forms or others, our staff is more than happy to answer them. Just call (800) 535-8570 or fill out our contact form.