Is USCG Transfer of Documentation Necessary When Buying a Boat? 

When purchasing a boat, particularly one registered with the United States Coast Guard (USCG), understanding the crucial process of transferring documentation is vital. This not only ensures legal ownership and compliance with maritime regulations but also opens up opportunities to simplify the transfer process by utilizing the expertise of a specialized service like Vessel Registrar Center.

Why Is This USCG Transfer of Documentation Important? 

Vessel documentation with the USCG involves the registration of a boat for official recognition as a US vessel. It provides benefits such as national and international clearances, preferred mortgages, and legal status under federal law. Documented vessels receive a Certificate of Documentation (COD) and an official number from the USCG. It establishes the identity of the boat and its ownership. 

Why Transfer Documentation? 

Legal Ownership Transfer

Transferring USCG documentation is crucial to legally transfer ownership of the vessel from the seller to the buyer. It ensures that the new owner is recognized as the rightful owner under federal maritime law. 

Title and Liens

Documentation transfer verifies that there are no outstanding liens, mortgages, or encumbrances on the vessel. It clears the title and protects the buyer from inheriting any financial obligations associated with the boat. 

Compliance and Regulations 

The transfer of documentation process ensures compliance with federal regulations governing vessel ownership and operation. It updates the USCG database with accurate ownership information for regulatory oversight. 

USCG transfer of Documentation

Steps for the Transfer 

Confirm Vessel Eligibility 

Ensure that the boat is eligible for the transfer based on its size, use, and previous documentation status. 

Gather Required Documents

Collect essential paperwork, including the original COD, bill of sale, proof of ownership, and any relevant lien releases or mortgage satisfactions

Complete the Application 

Fill out the application form. Make sure that you provide accurate details about the buyer, seller, and boat information. By the way, this form is available on our site. Simply choose the Form CG-1258. 

Submit Application and Fees 

Submit the completed application along with the applicable fees. There is a huge advantage when you use our documentation service. For one, your submission will be reviewed by our experts. This is necessary to ensure that you have filled out the form. Not just filling it out. But accurately entering the details. Keep in mind that any incorrect details will cause a delay in the process. 

Review and Approval 

Before our experts will send the document to the USCG, they will review your form. When they see no issues, that is the time they send it to the USCG for review and approval. Upon approval, the new COD will be issued in your name. We do not control how long the approval process is. The COD will also be directly mailed to you and not to us. 


Navigating the transfer process can be complex. This is especially true if this is your first time to do so. That’s why it is vital to consult with our experts. Our experts will help ensure compliance with federal regulations and facilitate a seamless transfer of ownership. 

Embark on the USCG documentation transfer process today with ease. Click the link on the left to access the necessary form. For expert guidance and seamless ownership transfer, consider consulting with Vessel Registrar Center. Visit our website to initiate the process and submit your documents effortlessly. For more information, feel free to reach out to us anytime.