Is the Certificate of Documentation a Critical Part of Boat Ownership?

Boat documentation is one of the vital elements of boat ownership. Thus, you must know how to obtain a Certificate of Documentation from the United States Coast Guard. This is especially true if your boat weighs 5 tons or more. If you are wondering what the purpose of this certificate is, then keep reading to find out more. 

Is the Certificate of Documentation the Same as the Coast Guard Documentation? 

Yes, it is. And it is a critical part of boat ownership. It serves as an official proof of ownership and registration for qualifying vessels.

Local Recognition 

This certificate provides legal recognition of ownership and registration of a vessel under federal law. It establishes the vessel’s documented status and certifies that it meets the eligibility criteria set by the Coast Guard for documentation. 

National Documentation 

When you document your boat with the Coast Guard, it becomes part of a national registry. It provides uniformity and consistency in vessel identification across the United States. The status is recognized by all states and provides certain benefits and privileges. 

Unique and Documentation Number 

Every documented vessel is assigned a unique documentation number. It serves as a permanent identifier for the vessel throughout its lifetime. This number helps distinguish the vessel from others and facilities tracking ownership, history, and related details. 

Verification of Ownership

The certificate can also act as conclusive evidence of ownership. It affirms that you are indeed the owner of the vessel. It is especially important if you are dealing with legal and financial transactions. It provides clear and official proof of ownership. 

Mortgage and Lien Recording

This documentation also allows for the recording of mortgages and liens against the vessel. It provides a mechanism for lenders and creditors to secure their interests and establish priority in case of default or other legal proceedings. 

International Recognition 

It is beneficial to have your boat documented if you are engaged in international travel. It may help gain entry into foreign ports. It also simplifies customs and immigration procedures. Furthermore, it provides proof of ownership in foreign jurisdictions. 

Preferred Status 

If your boat is documented, it is eligible for certain preferred statuses under maritime laws. This would include protection against arrest or seizure in certain circumstances. It can provide additional security for boat owners and lenders. 

Certificate of Documentation

Must Your Boat Be Registered? 

It is vital to note that not all boats are required to be registered or are eligible for documentation with the Coast Guard. If your boat is smaller and is used for recreational purposes, then you will not need to obtain this certificate. But you will have to register it at the state level. 

But if your boat is large and is utilized in commercial activities or some types of boating, then documentation is often mandatory. Although the process of applying for a certificate of documentation used to be cumbersome, opting to use our services will simplify the process. Give us a call to know how.