Is It Possible to Rename Your Vessel?

You found a boat that you love. It is within your budget. But it bears the name of your former love who broke your heart a million times. There is no way you want to travel with it. Thankfully, though, you can rename your boat. If it is time for you to rename it, make sure to use a boat name search service so that the one you pick is not already in use. 

Conducting a Boat Name Search — What You Will Find? 

When you search, you can find these details: 

  • Vessel Name. If the name is taken, it will appear in the search. 
  • Vessel Identification Number. Each registered boat has a unique identification number, such as a hull identification number or a registration number. It helps to distinguish the vessel from others in official records. 
  • Owner information. Depending on the jurisdiction and the level of information provided, you may be able to access details about the current owner of the boat. It could be the name, address, and contact information. Do you need details? Well, you might want to contact the owner if you could switch names. It is a possibility though. 
  • Registration status. The search results may indicate whether the boat’s registration is active, expired, or suspended. This information helps determine the current legal standing of the boat. 
  • Registration status. In some cases, you may be able to access the registration history of the boat, which includes previous owners and changes in ownership. It can provide insights into the vessels’ past and ownership transfers. 

Time to Rename It 

Now, after you have done your due diligence and found no boat in the US that has the name that you want to use for your boat, you can start the renaming process. Here are the things to consider. 

Choosing a Name that Reflects Your Interests 

This is just one of the things you need to consider when choosing a new name for your boat. Choose a new name that reflects your interests, preferences, or personal significance. Ensure that it is unique and not already in use by another boat. 

Ceremonial Tradition 

Renaming a boat involves a ceremonial tradition to appease the gods of the sea and ensure good luck. This tradition includes the removal of the old name. You should obliterate the decals, nameplates, and other signage. It signifies the official removal of the old name. 

Wash the boat thoroughly to symbolically cleans the old name and negative energies associated with it. It can be done with a traditional cleaning agent or simply with water. 

Ask your family and friends to be with you in the renaming ceremony. It may involve speeches, blessings, or a ritual where you officially announce and introduce the new name to the boat. It is customary to pour champagne or another beverage over the bow of the boat to celebrate the renaming. 

Boat Name Search

Update Documentation 

After the renaming ceremony, it is vital to update the boat’s documentation and registration with the appropriate governing body. It includes notifying them of the new name and submitting any required forms or fees for the name change.

If you wish to know more about how to conduct a boat name search and rename your vessel, please give us a call. You may also click the Change of Vessel Name on the menu to know about the requirements.