Is It Bad Luck to Rename a Boat?

Unless you are buying a brand new boat and are going to be its first-ever owner, the chances are that any vessel you come into ownership of is already going to have an established name. Of course, adopting a new boat is just like adopting a new pet, the name they were once given might not be the name that you have in mind for your own stint as owner! It would be fair to say that the world of boat ownership and sailing, in general, is one that contains a lot of superstitions and folklore, and the name and renaming of boats is definitely something that causes a lot of debate! Let’s address the age-old question posed by many seafarers; is it bad luck to rename a boat?

Is It Bad Luck To Rename A Boat?

The belief in this particular superstition is deeply rooted within maritime folklore. The notion is that every vessel has a spirit or a soul, and therefore changing its name would be something that angered the gods of the sea and potentially caused shipwrecks. Of course, superstitions are never based on scientific proof or logic, so we don’t think that the renaming of your vessel is going to cause too many problems in the future!

Why Do People Choose To Rename A Boat?

There are several different reasons why an owner might choose to rename their boat. The most common reason is buying a pre-owned, pre-named boat that you want to change to fit your own preferences, but also, some commercial boats will attempt to rebrand and refresh their vessel by changing its name and starting fresh.

Tips For Choosing A Good Boat Name

It really is all about personal style and preference when trying to come up with a new boat name. Lots of people tend to go down the pun and wordplay route, whilst others like to connect the boat name to a particular name that means something to them, perhaps a family name.

Rename a Boat

Are There Any Name Restrictions?

Yes. Owners are not permitted to choose a boat name that sounds like any word used to solicit assistance when at sea, either in writing or pronunciation. Also, any name that is deemed to include racist, profane, or obscene language will not be cleared for usage when you submit your change of name paperwork. Choose wisely and respectfully and you shouldn’t run into any trouble!

So, if you are not afraid of the question ‘Is it bad luck to rename a boat’ and want to risk your own luck with a name change, then you will have to go through the relevant official channels and complete the required paperwork. A simple way to ensure that all of your documentation is changed in a legal and binding manner is to have your applications processed through the US Vessel Registrar. Get in touch with a member of the team and they will be more than happy to guide you through any step of the process.