Is Coast Guard Registration Worth it?

When you purchase a boat, there are certain regulations that you must adhere to you as the new owner. One of these regulations involves registering your boat so that you are legally allowed to take into the waters in the United States. AS a new owner, you are likely familiar with the laws and regulations regarding boat ownership in the state you live in. States have different requirements regarding registration of your boat, but what you may not know is that you have the option of either registering with your state or with the federal government when you own a large pleasure vessel. You may wonder is Coast Guard registration is worth it to you or not, and it is worth exploring so you can learn how the process can help you as a boat owner.

Your Lender May Require Registration

Depending on how you are paying for your boat purchase can determine if you are required to get documentation from the Coast Guard or not. If you are paying for the boat on your own, without the assistance of a financial institution, there are no restrictions placed on you. However, many lenders today require that you register your boat with the federal government. Federal registration sets up a chain of information and places a preferred status on the lien owed to your lender so that they have some insurance regarding their lending.

is coast guard documentation worth it

Is Coast Guard Registration Worth it?

Many owners feel that the process of Coast Guard registration is confusing and complex and would rather just get their state registration instead. Going directly to the Coast Guard to get your documentation can take some time, and the forms that you must fill out as part of the registration process are known for being a bit confusing. However, with the right help, the process can be much easier and accomplished faster.

Assistance with Registration

If you have decided that Coast Guard registration is the right move for you but are unsure how to handle the process, come to us at the Maritime Documentation Center for help. We have the forms here on our website so that you can fill them out electronically and then send them to us for review. We have an experienced staff of experts to look the forms over and make sure they are correct, so you know they are done properly. We submit everything to the Coast Guard for you for their approval and, with our assistance, you can get your documentation without any of the headaches or hassles. Is coast guard registration worth it to you? Give us a call so we can help!