How We Make the Coast Guard Documentation Process Easier for Everyone

Does the Coast Guard documentation process seem more complicated than it should be? When you sit down to try to actually complete your documentation, does it feel like it takes too long? We understand how important both your time and your money are. Thus, we do everything in our power to streamline the documentation process so that you can have everything you need with a minimum of effort and expense. We accomplish this through a variety of methods. 

Mobile Optimization 

The days of sitting down at your desk to fill out vessel Coast Guard documentation forms by hand are long gone. By that same token, you don’t have to sit down at your desktop computer to fill out vessel documentation forms if you don’t want to anymore, either. As we’ve optimized our site for mobile devices, you’ll be able to fill these forms out from anywhere, whenever you would like on a device of your choosing. That way, instead of having to “carve out” time from your busy schedule to fill them out, you can instead do so on your schedule. 

Always Safe, Always Secure 

We could never rightly offer our vessel documentation services if we were unable to protect our customers’ data. So, we use the strongest, most stringent security currently available. SSL encryption protects our customers’ data so that they can utilize our services with true peace of mind. As we never believe you should have to choose between “security” and “convenience,” this security does not slow our site down in any way whatsoever. As such, you can use our site quickly and securely when and how you want. 

“Little” Services With Big Benefits 

Where possible, we’ve added services to make the process simpler and faster. Many of our forms include a “rush processing’ option. With that, you’ll be able to put your forms at the top of our queue, so that you can get them back that much faster. We also understand that, for many, what slows them down when completing vessel documentation forms is a (justified) concern about making errors, typos, and the like. To help, we employ the very best document processors in the business. They’ll go over your forms comprehensively, catching any errors no matter how small they may be. They can either fix it or let you know so that they don’t keep you from receiving your documentation when you want it. 

Coast Guard Documentation

A Coast Guard Documentation Process for the Modern Era 

When we started the Vessel Registrar Center, we realized that the vessel documentation process hadn’t really been updated for the digital era, the modern era. Now, you can use our site to get essentially all of your vessel Coast Guard documentation you may need throughout the entire course of owning your vessel. From researching a vessel for purchase to acquiring the initial documentation to renewing it, to applying for a preferred ship’s mortgage, to paying that off, to selling the vessel to another party, we can help with all of our forms.