How to Stay on the USCG Boat Registry

Have you recently gone through some kind of life change that you worry could affect your vessel’s position on the USCG boat registry? Do you have this nagging suspicion in the back of your head that there’s something you should do to stay in compliance with the USCG, but aren’t sure what it is? The truth is that, when you go through certain life changes, there are steps that you should take, forms you should submit, that ensure you stay in compliance with the powers that be. All of that said, it’s easier than it sounds. You can take care of it in a few minutes at our site. 

If You Lose Your Certificate of Documentation 

Keeping a physical copy of your Certificate of Documentation is imperative to staying in compliance. For many vessel owners, it may not feel like you should have to. It can seem like you should be able to get away with having a picture of it on your phone, in the cloud, and so forth. However, to be in compliance, you need to have a physical copy. If you lose it, or if it becomes mutilated or something similar, you need to get a new one. At our site, you can buy a replacement and stay in compliance no matter what. 

If You Don’t Renew Your Documentation in Time 

At our site, you can renew your documentation not just for this year, but for several years in the future. However, we understand that sometimes, things happen, something comes up, and you don’t renew in time. That doesn’t mean you’re precluded from ever having your vessel be documented or something. Instead, you’ll have to go through the “reinstatement” route. We can help there, too. Remember: if the renewal deadline has already passed, you can’t “renew.” But, you can “reinstate.” 

If You Move Your Boat

“I didn’t move my boat, why do I have to send in a form to the USCG?” If you’ve moved your home address from the one that’s connected to your Certificate, then you should get the “Change of Address” form that we offer at our site. You’ll also want to send in a form if you change the port that your vessel hails from, too. This may seem like a minor thing, but it is important. We know that you’d probably rather do almost anything else, so we make the process as simple and quick as can be. 

All You Need for the USCG Boat Registry 

The above are just a few of the different forms we offer that make it easier to stay in compliance with the USCG. If you go through our site, you’ll be able to find just about any form you could need for anything that could arise. Changing your vessel’s endorsement? Getting a mortgage? Satisfying one? If you don’t see the form that you need, or need help with a certain form, our paid experts are more than glad to help. You can give us a call at (800) 535-8570 or fill out our contact form