How to Sell A Documented Vessel

For many luxuries in life, things are as simple as paying your money and taking immediate ownership without any obstacles at all, but when it comes to vessel ownership, things are not always as straightforward as you would like them to be. It all depends on the documentation that the vessel in question already has, and whether or not you need to acquire said documentation before you can proceed with a sale. For prospective sellers who already have the correct documentation in place, the entire process can be relatively straightforward. There is still a process to follow and here is how to sell a documented vessel!

Prepare The Boat For Sale

Think about the kind of boat that you would want to buy the most out of a lineup, it is always going to be the boat that is the cleanest! If you want to get as much value out of your vessel as possible, then it can be worth hiring a professional cleaning service to do the job.

Videos And Photographs

Take the time to take some really attractive photographs and videos of your boat to add to the online listing. Bring the vessel to life as much as possible and it will attract more potential buyers.

Determine Value

Use the available online resources in order to determine the value of your boat and come up with a price that you think you can reasonably charge that won’t feel like a mismatch to potential buyers.

Find Out Where To List

Don’t limit yourself to just a single online selling place, play the field and select a handful of sites that you think are going to attract the best possible network of potential buyers to your listing.

Interact With Buyers

Make sure that you are free and available for as much communication with potential buyers as possible. Be open to answering any questions that a potential buyer might have in order to make the process as honest and stress-free as it can be for all parties involved.

Don’t Miss Any Paperwork

A sale doesn’t mean anything unless all of the paperwork is in place! If you are getting close to an agreement, then make sure that both sides of the arrangement dot all their I’s and cross all their T’s.

How to Sell A Documented Vessel

Complete the Transaction With Payment

Once all of the above has been put into place, the only thing left to do is sort out the payment! A buyer should have no problem paying in any of the traditional ways and don’t agree to do something that you are not familiar with or that you are not sure is above board.

So, now that you know how to sell a documented vessel, you might also benefit from checking out the processing services that the Vessel Registrar Center website has to offer. Utilizing our services can help eliminate some of the stress of handling various documentation requests and applications, making your vessel selling and buying experiences much simpler and more streamlined.