How To Register a Boat with The Coast Guard Through Our Website?

Owners of recreational vessels must register their vessels with the United States Coast Guard to use them for recreational purposes. However, boat owners wondering how to register a boat with the Coast Guard should know that it may be accomplished quickly via the Maritime Documentation Center. Our instructions for completing the registration procedure will be provided on this page.

With our mission statement, we want to simplify and safeguard your vessel ownership while also making the registration procedure as easy as possible. Our staff works very hard to offer you straightforward and informative forms that demand as little information as is legally required of you. As you go through the process, we will guide you through each step, offering instructions on when and where to submit your papers and how to prevent getting charged again for an inaccurate submission.

How To Register a Boat with The Coast Guard Through Our Website

Make Sure Your Vessel Meets MDC’s Requirements

Any vessel wishing to be registered with the United States Coast Guard must be adequately documented and fulfill the physical and operational criteria of the Marine Defense Command. In order to operate in your location, the vessel must have the appropriate size and class, which you may establish by speaking with a shipbroker in your area or consulting MDC’s Vessel Compendium. The federal government requires that any vessel with a displacement of more than six tons operate in waters governed by the federal government with a valid Certificate of Documentation (COD). When sailing on inland waterways such as lakes and rivers, recreational boats weighing less than six tons are not required to have a COD. MDC’s laws prevent self-propelled boats owned by individuals documented via the Service from being armed or transporting any hazardous materials and imposing size limitations.

Have Your Documentation Ready 

If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of your old sailboat, now could be the moment. For many people, spending time on the water with loved ones is a great way to unwind from the stresses of daily life. It’s possible to sail if you’ve registered your boat. You must register your boat to be able to use it legally and to be able to claim ownership of it according to Before you begin, you must have all of the paperwork necessary to register your vessel.

You’ll need the vessel’s current title and any historical information on the vessel’s ownership and history. The title should include your name together with the other legitimate owners. You should acquire a disclaimer on the title if no legal owner is identified. This document gives you complete access and ownership of the boat. In the case of property damage alone, this may be obtained from the insurance provider.

Complete The Application Form

Fill out the Boat Registration Application Form completely. This form is accessible in PDF format on the official website of the United States Coast Guard, or you may obtain a copy from the Maritime Documentation Center’s website. Every piece of pertinent information, such as the vessel’s name, type, length, and hull identification number, has been included on this form. As a result, complete the application form thoroughly and accurately to avoid any difficulties during the registration process.

This selection is critical due to the varying fees that are levied by each state at different times. The official application form for registration and a set of instructions will be sent to you at your provided address. Ensure that you fill out the application form to get all of the essential documentation to finish the application process.

Submit Your Application as Part of The Process on How to Register a Boat with The Coast Guard

The Coast Guard requires that you register and title your boat. For example, rates vary based on the kind of boat you have, its length, and other aspects of the vessel itself. It is essential to know exactly how much you will have to pay in fees before paying for the registration and titling of your vessel. The Maritime Documentation Center accepts applications by postal mail.

A check or money order must be included with your submission as payment. The check should be made out to “USCG,” and the application form must be attached. There are various advantages to obtaining a boating license for leisure craft. In order to operate a recreational watercraft, you are required to carry it and provide confirmation of your identity. It’s time to get your boating license.

The good news is that if you find the procedure of registering your yacht with the coast guard to be burdensome, you can hire a representative from the Maritime Documentation Center to do it for you. Inform us of your vessel’s specifications, and we will take care of the rest. Allow us to assist you with this and any other marine paperwork requirements so that you can focus on enjoying your yacht. Please call us at (800) 535-8570 to get the process started and; learn how to register a boat with the Coast Guard!