How to Proceed With Vessel Reinstatement

If you are a long-time boat owner, then it is likely that your vessel is registered with the United States Coast Guard, and it is equally likely that you know the certificate of documentation that you had to obtain when initially licensing the boat has an expiration date that is either one year or five years after the registration. As the owner of the vessel in question, it is your responsibility to ensure that you renew the certificate before its expiry date and also inform the US Coast Guard of any changes. If you let the certificate of documentation lapse, you cannot submit a renewal past the renewal date and need instead to submit a reinstatement form. With this in mind, here is how to proceed with a vessel reinstatement.

When  Do You Need Reinstatement vs Renewal

It is generally recommended that you renew your certificate of documentation before its expiration date, anywhere from 60 days to 7 days before the stated date. There is a short grace period for those who still want to renew up to 30 days after the expiration date, but doing so will incur a late fee that will need to be paid along with the submission of the renewal.

If you leave it to as much as 31 days after the stated expiration date, then renewal is no longer an option and you will instead be required to reinstate your vessel instead. In basic terms, it almost means that you have to start again from the beginning, treating your vessel as if it is the first time you are attempting to register it. The process of reinstatement returns your vessel to active status. In cases of reinstatement, the only change that you are allowed to make to the original information is any change of owner address.

Processing Made Simple

When you use our website, the process of applying for reinstatement for your vessel can be very simple indeed. In general, the task is a very straightforward one and can be completed online with just a few clicks of buttons in the appropriate spaces on the form. 

Once your information has been inputted, our experienced team takes over and checks for any mistakes or omissions before ensuring that the processing stage is completed without a hitch. On your part, making sure that you complete the form with no mistakes or omissions in the first place can go a long way to guaranteeing that the processing of your application will not be delayed.

If you are in the position of needing to file a vessel reinstatement application form, then the best place to go for the kind of assistance that you need is Vessel Documentation Online. We specialize in the provision of the forms and the timely and efficient processing of all and any vessel documentation that you need to submit in order to keep your own boat ownership in order from a legal standpoint. We very much look forward to being able to assist you with anything document-related that you need.