How to Obtain a US Coast Guard Bill of Sale Quickly?

Are you planning to buy or sell your boat in the US? If so, then you need to obtain a US Coast Guard Bill of Sale. It is an essential step in this process. This document serves as a legal document that confirms the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. While the process may seem daunting, there are efficient ways to obtain it quickly. 

Obtaining US Coast Guard Bill of Sale 

Before initiating the process, you must gather all the necessary details to compile it accurately. What are the details you need? 

  • Vessel information: Record the boat’s name, official number, hull identification number, and other relevant details. 
  • Buyer and seller information. If you are the buyer, make sure to obtain the full legal name of the seller, his/her address, and contact details. Your information must also be included in this document. 
  • Purchase details. This document also includes the sale price, date of sale, and specific terms and conditions agreed upon between you and the seller. 

How to Obtain the Form? 

It is easy to obtain the bill of sale form. All you need is to click the Bill of Sale link on the left side of this page. This form is known as CG-1340. You can easily download it to your computer for easy access. 

Complete the Form Accurately 

Open the form using compatible editing software. Fill in the form with the gathered information. Make sure that the pieces of information are accurate and complete. Double-check all the details before you proceed to the next step to avoid delays or complications in the process. Ensure to adhere to the specific instructions provided on the form. 

Sign the Form 

You and the seller must sign the completed Form CG-1340. Make sure that the signatures are legible and match the names provided on the form. It is vital to sign the form in the presence of a lawyer or an authorized individual who can attest to the authenticity of the signatures. 

Submit the Form

Once the form is completed and signed, submit it to us for examination. Our experts will look into the details and make sure that all pieces of information are accurate and match the supporting documents. There is no need to mail the form. Uploading it along with the supporting documents using our system will make the process a lot easier. 

Keep a Record

It is important to note that we do not release the documentation. Instead, the USCG will mail it to you. Hence, it is vital to keep a record of your submission when you need to follow it up. You may also contact our team if you have further questions. 

US Coast Guard Bill of Sale

Ensuring Compliance 

To obtain the US Coast Guard bill of sale quickly, you need to input accurate details before submitting it to us. You can expedite the process by ensuring that you have filled in the details accurately. Remember to stay organized. If you need further help in filling out this form, our team is here to guide you.