How to Obtain a Certificate of Documentation Without Leaving Your Home?

Many aspects of life have become more convenient. From online shopping to remote work. You can even obtain a Certificate of Documentation for your vessel without having to leave the comfort of your home. It is a task that once required numerous visits to government offices and lengthy paperwork. Just imagine sipping your morning coffee or enjoying the view of the sea from your own deck. 

Obtaining a Certificate of Documentation Using Online Services 

Before discussing the process of getting COD online, let us briefly understand what it is. This COD is a federal document. It is issued by the USCG that provides proof of a vessel’s nationality and ownership. It is commonly used for vessels engaged in foreign trade, fishing activities, or securing financing for the vessel. 

The Advantages of Online Documentation Services


The most significant advantage of online documentation is the convenience it offers. You can complete the entire process from your home, thereby, eliminating the need for physical visits to government offices. 


Online documentation services, like Vessel Registrar Center, can help you save time. You can fill out the required forms, upload documents, and make payments from your computer. It significantly reduces the time and effort involved. 

Reduced Paperwork 

The traditional process of getting a COD involves extensive paperwork. Vessel Register Center streamlines this paperwork. It makes it more efficient and eco-friendly.

Ease of Access

Our boat documentation services are accessible 24/7. In that case, you can work on your documentation at your convenience, whether it is late at night or during the weekend. 

Steps to Obtain Your COD Online 

Eligibility Check 

Before you start the online boat documentation process, ensure that your boat is eligible for USCG documentation. Keep in mind that your boat must be at least 5 net tons to quality for documentation. If your boat is smaller than that, then it may not qualify to be documented with the USCG. But you may need to register it with the state where you will operate your boat. 

Gather Required Documents 

Prepare the necessary documents for your application, including proof of ownership, identification, and other supporting documentation required by the USCG. You may call our experts today to verify what these documents are so you can secure them before you even start processing this application. 

Complete the Forms 

Fill out the necessary forms online, providing accurate and up-to-date information about your vessel. This information includes details about the vessel’s history, specifications, ownership, and more. 

Upload Supporting Documents

Upload digital copies of the required documents, such as bills of sale, identification, and proof of citizenship to support your application. 

Pay the Fee

This is necessary as you cannot proceed with the documentation without first paying the processing fee online. The fee amount may vary depending on the type and size of your vessel. 

Review and Submit 

Double-check all the details you have entered to ensure accuracy. Once you are satisfied, submit your application electronically. 

Wait for it to Be Processed 

The USCG will review your application. If everything is in order, the agency will issue your COD. This process can typically take several weeks. Thus, you need to be patient while your application is processed. 

Certificate of Documentation

Convenience and Efficiency

Truly with modern technology, obtaining a Certificate of Documentation has become a lot easier. Try our services now to find out how convenient and efficient it is when you need to initialize documentation or renew your vessel documentation all from the comfort of your own home.