How to Handle USCG Vessel Documentation Address Changes?

Changes are necessary. But if you are a boat owner, you might find yourself in a complex situation of needing to update your boat’s documentation address. Perhaps, you have moved to a new harbor or simply want to ensure that your boat’s records are accurate, the USCG offers a straightforward process for addressing this change. How to make the USCG Vessel documentation address change seamlessly? 

Handling a USCG Vessel Documentation Address Change 

Updating your boat’s address with the USCG may be essential. Keep in mind that accurate information is vital for communication. This is especially vital when you are renewing your boat.

In the event of an emergency or crucial communication, having an updated address ensures that you can be reached promptly and that your boat remains in compliance with the regulations of the USCG. 

How to Navigate the Process? 

Gather Required Information 

Before initiating the change, you must first gather all the necessary information. The details will include your vessel’s documentation number, the new address details, and your contact information. 

Access the Address Change Form 

You may check out the forms on the left side of this page to access the Change of Address form. This is also known as the Request for Address Change Form CG-1258. 

Complete the Form 

Fill out the form accurately to avoid delay in the process. You must provide all the required details, including your boat’s documentation number, previous address, new address, and your contact information. 

Sign and Date 

Ensure that you sign and date the form. You should certify the accuracy of the information provided. 


Review the completed form to ensure there are no errors or omissions. Accuracy is crucial to avoid delays in processing your address change. 


Submit the completed form to us. Yes, that’s right. There is no need to go to the USCG’s National Vessel Documentation Center to do it. Just do this electronically through our documentation processing service. 

Once Confirmation 

Once you submit the form and the supporting documents to us, we will review them. In that way, we can guarantee that you have used the right form and submitted the correct documents. After that, we will send them to the USCG. 

More Convenient 

It is relatively straightforward to change your USCG documentation address. Indeed, you can do it on your own. But if you want hassle-free processing, then make sure to use our services. We have a team of maritime experts who are well-versed in this procedure. 

Furthermore, our company offers comprehensive support. If you have questions or need additional assistance related to maritime documentation, our team will be there to support you every step of the way. 

USCG Vessel Documentation Address Change

Use Our Service 

When you use our service for USCG vessel documentation address change, there is no need to navigate the official website of USCG. Just pick the form that you need located on the left side of this page. Fill out the form correctly and submit it to us. For more information, feel free to explore our FAQ section.