How to Get an Abstract of Title from the US Coast Guard Online?

The USCG Abstract of Title stands as a vital document. You may think that this is just a simple document. However, its role in maritime documentation is immense. Keep in mind that this serves as a comprehensive historical record of a boat’s ownership, title transactions, and related documentation. 

How to Obtain USCG Abstract of Title

The quickest way to obtain this document is through the Vessel Registrar Center. All you need is to click the Abstract of Title Form found on the left side of the page. You must completely fill out the form and submit it to us. 

How Long Will It Take to Get It? 

It takes at least three business days. But it depends on the status of your boat. If there are liens attached to your boat, getting this document can take a while. Obtaining this title may be a daunting task. Thus, we offer our services so that you can quickly obtain this document as soon as possible. 

When Do You Need this Document? 

This document is needed when you purchase a boat. You, as the purchaser, will obtain it from the US Coast Guard. It will identify any claims of lien recorded with the USCG. Unfortunately, some liens are concealed. In that case, this document may not accurately represent all existing lines on the boat. Hence, you should require a representation from the seller that the boat he/she is selling is free of all liens and encumbrances. 

Financing or Mortgages

You will also need this document when you apply for a loan. Lenders or financial institutions may require it when financing a vessel. It helps them assess the boat’s financial history and potential liabilities. 


Insurance companies may request it to underwrite vessel insurance policies. This will assist them in evaluating the boat’s ownership and operational history. 

Legal Proceedings

During legal disputes, litigation, or when resolving issues related to boat ownership, this document can serve as valuable evidence to establish ownership. It also provides a historical record. 

Vessel Documentation Status

You may periodically request this document to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the boat’s documentation with the USCG.  

Is this Title Enough? 

In most cases, this document is enough to give you assurance that the boat is free of liens or encumbrances. However, as mentioned earlier, some liens are hidden. A boat is not like real property. It has no title insurance companies. 

USCG Abstract of Title

What is the Quickest Way to Obtain this Document? 

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to go to the USCG National Documentation Center, then the best way to go is to use our documentation processing service. Simply, fill out the Abstract of Title form. Make sure that all details are correct. Pay the fee and submit it to us along with supporting documents. 

Use our service to obtain a USCG Abstract of Title for whatever purpose it may serve you. This is the quickest way to obtain any document related to USCG documentation. For more information about this document and other forms, feel free to explore our FAQ section.