How to Get a Coast Guard Abstract of Title

You have been scouring the recent listings online of boats for sale, and you finally came across one that sparked an interest in you. It looks to be in great shape based on the photos you have seen, is the size you are seeking, has the engine you want, and it is filled with extras that make your mind race, thinking about how fun it will be to have this boat as yours. You make some initial contact with the seller or broker to let them know you are interested, and they tell you they are ready to negotiate a price with you and close a deal if you want. You want to jump in quickly before someone else swoops in and snatches it up, but fight this instinct and do some research before you do. Getting an abstract will help you immensely, and knowing how to get a Coast Guard abstract of title will assist you in making the right decision on this boat you love.

Why You Want a Coast Guard Abstract of Title

For the same reason you would do a title search on a house you want to buy, you want to get an abstract of title regarding a boat you have an interest in. The abstract is going to provide you with recorded information about the boat so you can see what its history and background are like. You find out important details, especially regarding any liens that the ship may have. There may be banks, contractors or vendors that have placed liens on the vessel and these liens are still unsatisfied. This could make buying the boat a risk for you and will want to know about it.

How to Get an Abstract

Like anything else, there is a process involved in getting a Coast Guard abstract of title. You will have to fill out an application with the appropriate information about the boat you are interested in. You will need the documentation number of the vessel to include on your application, and then you must file and then wait to get your response. The process with the USCG can be clumsy and cumbersome, which is why here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we have sought to make it easier for you to get the information you need.

Assistance with Your Abstract of Title

When you are looking to get a Coast Guard abstract of title, the best decision you can make is working with us at the Maritime Documentation Center. We have the form you need right on our site so you can fill it out quickly and send it off to us in just minutes. We will read it through to make sure you have the data you need before we send it to the Coast Guard for you. Use our site to get the safest and fastest way for you to request an abstract so you can find out what you need to know and see if this is the boat you have been dreaming about.