How to Find Coast Guard Documents by Name

Did you know it is not too difficult to locate the Coast Guard documents by name? A computer with access to the internet and a few minutes of your time are all required to complete this task. Do you need assistance locating a document or rule that the United States Coast Guard issued? If you don’t know where to begin your search, finding what you’re searching for could be challenging. This article will demonstrate how you may quickly locate Coast Guard papers using their names. In addition, we will provide some advice on how you may make the most of your search results. Continue reading if you want some helpful information, and remember that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned boat owner or just starting!

Check with The Coast Guard Directly

Do you not know where to begin? One of the most valuable locations to look at is the actual website of the Coast Guard or the Maritime Documentation Center, which not only has a lot of information but also gives a search bar that is convenient to use. This website is one of the most significant places to look for Coast Guard documents by name. You may search various topics on this website, including people’s names. 

You may locate what you’re searching for by entering information about the serviceman in question, such as his name, rank, or date of birth, into the search area on this website. When you have finished entering all your information and clicked the “submit” button, a list of the results will be shown to you. From that point on, all that remains is to look through all of them to locate the information you want! Here’s the procedure to follow.

Type Your Name into the “Name” Box. 

The “Name” field in all Coast Guard databases will include your loved one’s name. Here is the best place to look when you just have a full name and want to start your search.

Try To Find Relevant Information in Other Domains

In Coast Guard records databases, check for information beyond the “Name” section if you know a little about your ancestors, such as their place of origin, birth and death dates, or military unit. More often than not, the extra fields will be invaluable in facilitating a more precise search and ultimately locating the desired outcome.

Conduct A Coast Guard Documents by Name Search Using Initials and Parts of Names. 

There are situations when you could not be aware of all or a portion of the name of an ancestor (such as when they served during World War I). In these situations, you may try searching with only a portion of their first and last name (or first initial), or you can use a middle initial if one is available and attempt searching with that.

If You Know Their Social Security Number (SSN), Use It as A Search Term

Verify that your SSN is the right one for the individual you are trying to locate. A document search might be slowed down if this isn’t done. It is possible to look for a person by name if you don’t have their SSN but know that they were born after 1920 and served in the military. You’ll need their real name (including any middle names or initials), birth date, and their Social Security number or service number. If you search for Coast Guard documents by name, you will be presented with a list of all documents that mention that person. Not all pages are likely presented on the first page, so if you don’t find what you’re searching for, use the search option to browse through them all. If you’re having trouble finding them, you may also try searching for their Social Security number without the dashes or hyphens (-).

How to Find Coast Guard Documents by Name

Check Your Local Library or Public Record Office

The most obvious choice is your community’s library or public records office. Most libraries make some archives accessible to the general public, either on the premises or at a separate location. It is in your best interest to visit public record offices since they often have a multitude of papers accessible on a variety of subjects, including information about the military. Because of this, they are worth looking into. Contact the National Personnel Records Center if you are seeking information on someone who formerly held a position in the Coast Guard (NPRC). 

A comprehensive collection of military records, including those of persons who served in the Coast Guard, may be found at this establishment, which is managed by the government and is located in St. Louis. You may request information via their website; if they have anything relevant to the person you’re looking for, they will provide it.

While you can find much information about the Coast Guard on the official website, many specific documents aren’t available online. If you’re looking for a document by name and don’t know where to start, call the Maritime Documentation Center at (800)-535-8570. They’ll help you locate what you need.