How To Document a Vessel Using Your Tablet or Smartphone

If you’re like most boat owners, you undoubtedly use your tablet or smartphone to take pictures and videos of your vessel. There are many options for how to document a boat in this digital era. Utilizing your tablet or smartphone allows you to take photos, make videos, and keep track of your maintenance data. One of the most critical things you can do to protect yourself and future owners is properly documenting your vessel’s history according to It doesn’t have to be difficult to understand, according to.

However, it is still impossible to judge whether or not you have recorded every detail. Consider how much time and money you’ll save by documenting your vessel on your tablet or smartphone instead of on paper. In this blog post, we’ll offer tips on registering a boat using your tablet or smartphone so you can start saving time and get more value out of your boat ownership experience.

How To Document a Vessel Using Your Tablet or Smartphone


Open The USCG Documentation App on Your Device

The USCG has made it simple for you to record your vessel in the digital era by providing the necessary papers via the USCG Documentation app. Vessel Documentation, Salvage Vessel Documentation, and Passenger Vessel Documentation are all available for free download from Google Play or Apple Software Store. This app will allow you to find the documentation you need quickly. Progress bars in the application show you how close you are to renewing your certificate or whether you have paid your renewal fees. When used with an e-Documentation account, these applications go from useful to extraordinary.

Take Photos and Videos of The Boat from All Angles, Both in Port and While Underway

Most boat owners know that it is critical to capture photographs and films when purchasing a new vessel, but few take the time to consider how to do it in the most effective manner possible. When taking photos, it is common for them to be shot from an uncomfortable viewpoint or low quality, while films might be unsteady or have blurriness. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t believe you can perform a better job unless you have the financial means to employ someone else to do it.

However, high-quality photographs and movies are not prohibitively costly. The skills are simple and can be learned with a little practice. These recommendations will provide you with some ideas on enhancing your vessel documentation, whether in port or at sea! Making sure that any damage or wear and tear is recorded in real-time will assist you in keeping track of the status of your vessel, which will be beneficial if you decide to sell it or repair it in the future, among other things.

Tap “Create A New Vessel Record” 

When you own a boat, you have access to various information at your fingertips. The next stage in documenting a vessel is to choose “Create a New Vessel Record.” Because vessel records are digital duplicates of your paper documents, the procedure is rather uncomplicated because we’re simply tapping our way through several displays. The use of tablets and smartphones has made it simpler than ever before for boat owners to keep track of the condition of their vessels.

Although technology is always evolving and the capabilities of devices are rising at an alarming rate, the fundamentals of utilizing a device to capture information remain unchanged. You’ll be asked to supply information about your vessels, such as a title and an email address, for further communication with you. It’s important to choose a title and address that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet since this will aid us in preventing tampering and fraudulent activity.

Tap “Done” When You’re Done as A Step on How to Document a Vessel

When documenting a vessel using your tablet or smartphone, the next step is to input all necessary information about your boat. This contains your boat’s name, hull number, VIN, and other pertinent information. In addition to documenting who is onboard your boat when you set sail, you’ll want to record the location of your boat. If several persons on board are not your crew members, this information should not be left out of your manifest.

An essential thing to remember is press “Done” when you’re done. You could be saying to yourself, “this is ridiculously apparent!” However, many boat owners fail to press the “Done” button after they are done. It is necessary for you to tap it. After all, what happens if you make a mistake and mistakenly add detail or shut the application by accident? You might end up losing all you’ve worked so hard for. Once you’ve pressed that little button, you’ll be sent to a new page.

Your tablet or smartphone can run a wide range of applications. However, the Maritime Documentation Center is the one we suggest. Vessel documentation was a primary focus while developing this program. As a result, it is easy to construct a concise summary of your vessel’s most significant features and photograph each specific location of your yacht. The Maritime Paperwork Center can assist you in improving your ship’s documentation. Save time and money by calling (800) 535-8570 to learn more about documenting a vessel easily!