How to Document a Vessel Using Your Mobile Device?

Like myself, most American boat owners use mobile devices to take pictures of their boats. But are you doing it properly? Learn the ins and outs of mobile using a mobile device to document a vessel. The necessity of keeping records of one’s boat is sometimes overlooked. If your boat is ever stolen, having photos and records of serial numbers will be invaluable to law enforcement. They will have instant access to the details of your boat in the event of an emergency while you are out on the water. A great deal of duty comes with boat ownership, as we all know. However, accurate documentation of your boat is a crucial part of boat ownership. Here are some suggestions for utilizing your mobile smartphone to record your boat:

Make Sure You Have a Good Camera App Installed On Your Phone or Tablet to Document a Vessel

If you want your boat or yacht to seem better than ever, we have some suggestions for taking pictures of it. Even if you have access to a camera, the best results may be achieved using an app developed for mobile photography. You will be able to assist in every aspect of the shoot, from determining the best focal length and lighting to selecting the perfect shot. Install a reputable camera app on your mobile device. 

The default camera app may get the job done if you’re in a bind, but it doesn’t provide nearly as many customizations as photography-specific software. See what you think about some of the best photography applications on the App Store and Google Play. Take shots at the time of day when the lighting is most flattering, particularly if your yacht is anchored or parked in a location with low light pollution. A photograph shot at dawn or dusk might have a particularly striking impact.

Before Recording Your Watercraft, Become Acquainted With the App And Its Capabilities

Cropping and adjusting the style of your photos is easy to do using the in-camera editing software that comes with many modern cameras. It’s a straightforward method for achieving top quality, and it lets you eliminate any unwanted elements that can detract from the ship in the photograph. However, a learning curve is associated with using this function, so be aware of that. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by a photo editor’s interface if you’ve never used one before. There’s always the option of asking for assistance, so why not just do it yourself? If you have a smartphone, you already have this capability! 

Get on board with the user already to document a vessel! Most modern smartphones have a camera app that allows for rudimentary editing. With the help of these programs, you can fix common photography problems like red-eye, poor lighting, and blurry edges. Black-and-white and sepia tone filters are common extras, but if your phone doesn’t have them, it’s simple enough to add them in post-processing with another app.

Have All of Your Documentation Ready Before You Start Photographing Your Boat

Before you take pictures of your yacht, ensure you have all the necessary documents prepared. If you attempt to take photographs while walking about with a camera in one hand and a binder in the other, the images will turn out fuzzy, and the papers won’t be legible. Accomplish not expect to be able to do this; if you do it, the results will be disastrous. 

Instead, take the time to gather everything in a single location before proceeding with the photo shoot so that you can capture the moment in its entirety. Before taking images of any of your documents, please give them a once-over and ensure everything is in order. This will aid the customer in the long run by making things more straightforward. If you can record all of your papers into an audio file or scan them onto a computer, it will make them much simpler to read and arrange for the buyer or use them to document a vessel.

Document a Vessel

Start By Photographing The Exterior Of The Boat From Different Angles

First, take photographs of the outside of the boat from various perspectives. Be careful to capture the boat from every angle, paying close attention to any distinguishing characteristics of the vessel. If it is feasible, you should photograph the hull number of the boat as well as any other identifying numbers or letters. After taking images from various perspectives, you should go inside the boat, either with a companion or by yourself, and roam about, searching for interesting elements to shoot. Take images of items like furniture and accessories, as well as general decorations like paintings and wall hangings, if you want to sell them later. Keep in mind that you should add specifics in each image to recall what was there in the future when you want to look at your photographs as a reference source.

The Maritime Documentation Center can tell you everything you need to know on how to document a vessel using your mobile device, including how much it costs and how to prepare for the process. You can call us today at 800-535-8570 for more information.