How to Dispose of a US Vessel

After a long time of sharing many adventures and memories in the water with you, there is a chance you might want to let go of your old ship. Maybe it’s deteriorated beyond repair, or its monetary value is not worth trying to sell it or paying for upkeep and storage. Whatever the reasons for getting rid of a US vessel are, disposal has to meet specific requirements to comply with the law. 

Motor-operated boats include hazardous materials such as oil, fuel, batteries, corroded metals, and other types of toxic waste. Abandoned or sunk vessels can pose an environmental threat as they can spill some of their components into the water. They can also prove to be a dangerous obstacle for navigation. On top of it all, these types of irresponsible and unscrupulous actions are illegal. If discovered, you could be fined up to $3000 and charged with the ship’s removal and destruction. 

There are many options you can take when the lifespan of your boat has come to an end. It’s important to know them you can let go of a US vessel responsibly.

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Recycling & Dismantling

Although your ship has not any important value as a whole anymore, some of its parts may still be useable and worth some money. You can find many part dealers, or salvagers, who accept your old US vessel and compensate you with the value of the aforementioned parts. Bear in mind that they may discount the costs of dismantling the boat and disposing of hazardous waste.

Each dealer has its own specific requirements for the length and type of vessel they will accept. Look up the internet for local part dealers in your area, there are always plenty of them eager for parts they can resell.

Disposal Of a US Vessel

If non of the ship’s parts and components represent any value anymore, you can choose to take the vessel to a landfill for complete disposal. Keep in mind that this may be more complicated than dismantling since landfills are not usually near urban or residential areas and you might have to tow the vessel quite a distance. You will also have to dispose of any hazardous waste such as oil or batteries before disposing of the boat. 

SAVE Program

There is one additional option to dispose of your US vessel if you can’t afford the costs of towing, dismantling, and/or getting rid of its hazardous waste. The Surrendered Vessel Program, known as SAVE, is a no-cost alternative for recreational boat owners to surrender an unwanted boat. Look up the internet for local agencies who participate in this kind of program. Keep in mind that you must be the registered owner and sign a release of interest in the boat.

Consider Transfer

One’s trash can be somebody else’s treasure. You can always ask your friends or relatives if they are interested in your old US vessel. The ship may not be of economic value anymore, but it may still have a couple of journeys to do. In case you choose to give it away to someone else, you can apply for an ownership transfer.

You can find the right form for transfer on our website. Just follow our three-step application process: complete the online form, submit the docs and fees and you are all set. Once the US Coast Guard approves the application you are free of handing over the ship to the chosen person.