How to Change the Name of Your Boat and Register It with the USCG?

Some people believe that renaming a boat can bring bad omens. According to an old legend, the gods of the sea know each boat by name. For that reason, you need to carry out a purging ceremony to get rid of the existing name from their ledgers. If you failed to follow, you might face consequences. Of course, this is just a myth. But if you do wish to change the name on the stern, you may contact the National Vessel Documentation Center. And before you even think of a name, make sure that it is not taken yet. That’s why you have to use documented boat names services. 

Using Documented Boat Names to Change the Name of Your Boa 

Changing the name of your boat can be an exciting endeavor. But you do not need a purging ceremony. What you need is to know the requirements to help you change the name of your recently purchased boat. In this way, you can legally use it to travel in international waters. 

Choose a New Name 

Choosing a new name for your boat is a vital step in the process. Brainstorm ideas and find a name that resonates with you. It must be a name that reflects your character. It must also be unique and meet the regulations of the USCG. 

Check for Availability

Before you can finalize the new name, conduct a thorough search to ensure that it is not already in use. You may use our online boat registry or may call us to verify boat name availability. It is vital to choose a name that is not already registered to another boat to avoid confusion or legal complications. 

Complete the Necessary Forms

After verifying the name, you will have to complete specific forms. The primary form required is the Application for Initial Issue. If you are not sure about what forms to use, please contact our agents. You must ensure that you are using the right forms so that the process of replacing the old name will not be delayed. 

Gather Documents

Along with the completed form, you also need to provide supporting documents. It typically includes proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale, title certificate, or previous registration documents. You may also need to submit a notarized statement explaining the reason for the name change. 

Submit the Application 

Once you have completed the necessary forms and gathered the required documents, you may submit your application to our service. Or call us to ensure that you have the right documents and forms for this purpose

Documented Boat Names

Await Confirmation 

After submitting your application, our team will review your form and documents. Once the forms and documents have been validated, we will forward them to the right authority. All you have to do is sit back and wait for confirmation. It can take days, weeks, or even a month to receive confirmation from the USCG. Upon approval, you will get a new Certificate of Documentation that reflects the updated vessel name. 

If you need further help in using our documented boat names services or how to change your vessel’s name, please give us a call today.