How Quick Is It to Transfer Ownership of a Documented Boat?

When it is time to transfer ownership of a documented boat to your name, efficiency, and timeliness are vital. Documented boats are registered with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). This agency requires a proper transfer of ownership to ensure legal compliance and a smooth transition of responsibilities. If you use a Coast Guard documentation center, you can quickly transfer ownership. 

Coast Guard Documentation Center to Facilitate Transfer 

To initiate the transfer of ownership, you and the seller need to gather the necessary documentation. The seller must provide you with the Original Certificate of Documentation issued by the USCG. Furthermore, the seller must provide you with other relevant documents, like the bill of sale, lien release, and other existing mortgages or encumbrances on the vessel. These documents can establish the seller’s legal ownership and facilitate a seamless transfer. 

How Quick Is the Process? 

It is quick if it is done by a documentation center, like Vessel Registrar Center. To ensure a smooth transaction, you need to produce a photocopy of the Certificate of Documentation. It should include the owner’s signature and a copy of the notarized document. 

Execute a Bill of Sale

This is also a crucial step in transferring ownership. The bill of sale should include details like the vessel’s identification, purchase price, seller’s and buyer’s information, and any agreed-upon terms or conditions. Ensure that it is properly filled out and signed by both parties. Make sure that it is also notarized. This document serves as evidence of the transfer and protects the buyer’s interests. 

Submit Documentation to the USCG

To complete the transfer of ownership, you must submit the required documentation to us. You must ensure that you have completed the USCG transfer form and the executed bill of sale. You must also provide additional forms or fees required by the USCG. It is vital to ensure that all forms are accurately completed and any applicable fees are paid to avoid delays in the transfer process. The good thing is that our team will ensure that you have sent us the necessary documents. We will contact you if you need to submit additional supporting documents. 

Wait for the Confirmation 

Once the USCG receives the transfer documents, it will review the submission and process the transfer of ownership. The processing time may vary. However, the USCG strives to complete it within a reasonable timeframe. After the transfer is approved, you will get updated documentation reflecting your ownership, such as a new Certificate of Documentation if the boat’s name is changing. 

Coast Guard Documentation Center

Update Additional Registrations and Insurance

Beyond the USCG transfer process, it is vital to update additional registrations and insurance associated with the boat. It may include state-level registrations, insurance policies, mooring permits, and other relevant documentation. Ensure that all records reflect your information for legal compliance and maintain a smooth ownership transition. 

Our Coast Guard documentation center is here to help you hasten the overall process of transfer of ownership. Give us a call today if you have further questions about our services.