How Long Will It Take to Register Your Yacht with the US Coast Guard?

If you are thinking about documenting your boat with the US Coast Guard, it is pertinent to know what steps are involved in coast guard boat documentation. Most importantly, you must first determine whether your boat can be registered. If it can, how long will it take for the process to complete? 

Coast Guard Boat Registration — What Is It? 

It is crucial in establishing your boat’s legal status and ensuring compliance with maritime regulations. As a boat owner, you may wonder about the timeline involved in the process. The exact duration can vary depending on several factors. However, understanding the timeframe will help you plan accordingly. 

Gather the Required Documentation 

Before initiating the process, you must first gather the necessary documentation. It includes proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale or manufacturer’s statement of origin. You also need personal identification documents and a completed application form. Make sure that they are ready and available to expedite the process. 

Submit the Application 

The next step is to submit the necessary application and supporting documentation to us. This is the quickest way to ensure that your boat is registered. Our documentation service will check for any errors in your application. We have knowledgeable staff members to verify the documents you submitted. Keep in mind that any error can cause a delay in your registration. 

Application Review and Processing

Once we receive your application, we will review the documents for accuracy and completeness before forwarding them to the USCG. This review process can take less than a day. Now, once we have forwarded your application to the USCG, it can take several weeks for the agency to review and process it. However, it still depends on the workload and current processing times at the USCG. During this stage, any discrepancies or missing information may result in delays. Thus it is essential to ensure all documentation is accurate and complete. 


Upon successful review and approval of your application, the USCG will issue the necessary documentation for your yacht. It includes the certification of documentation for vessels over a certain size and the official vessel number. The certificate serves as proof of registration and it is a critical document for your boat’s legal status.

Overall Time Frame 

Considering the various stages involved, the entire process of registering your boat with the USCG typically ranges from several weeks to a few months. Factors that can influence the duration include the complexity of your application, the accuracy, and the completeness of your documentation. 

Since the documents required for this application can affect the timeframe, you need to submit accurate papers. When you use our service, our staff will ensure that your documents are accurate and your application is filled out properly.

Coast Guard Boat Registration

Use Our Documentation Service 

If you want to take the hassle out of the equation, then make sure to use our coast guard boat registration service. Contact us to know the exact steps you need to take to complete it.