How and Why Do You Need a USCG Official Documentation Number? 

If you own a boat exceeding five net tons, you’re required to secure a USCG official documentation number. To simplify this process, consider utilizing the services of Vessel Registrar Center, a trusted partner in streamlining vessel documentation.

Do All Vessels Need a USCG Official Documentation Number

Not all vessels need this number; it’s exclusively for documented vessels meeting specific criteria set by the US Coast Guard. Documented vessels must be formally registered for purposes like commercial activities, international voyages, or maritime financing eligibility.

Why Do You Need to Obtain this Official Documentation Number? 

Legal Compliance

Documenting your vessel and obtaining this number ensures compliance with federal laws and regulations governing maritime activities. This is particularly important for commercial vessels and those engaged in international trade

Recognition as a Documented Vessel 

If you document your boat because it is qualified, it is recognized as a legitimate entity by maritime authorities and international ports. This facilitates smoother operations and port clearances during voyages. 

Access to Certain Benefits 

Documented vessels may be eligible for specific benefits, such as preferred mortgage status for financing, and exemptions from state registration requirements. That is if it is primarily used for commercial purposes. Then, another benefit is compliance with international treaties. 

USCG official documentation number

Enhanced Resale Value 

Having a documented vessel with a USCG number can enhance its resale value and marketability. This is especially true in the commercial maritime industry. Documented vessels often have a clear ownership history and legal standing. 

How to Obtain this Number? 

Meet Eligibility Requirements 

As mentioned, only vessels that meet the requirements can be documented. Thus, before you even apply for this number, ensure that your vessel meets the eligibility criteria for documentation, including size (over five net tons), ownership status, and intended usage (commercial or international). 

Submit Application and Documentation 

Complete the required forms and submit the necessary documentation, including proof of ownership, vessel measurements, payment of applicable fees, and compliance with safety and environmental regulations. 

Undergo Vessel Inspection 

Depending on the vessel type and usage, you may need to undergo a vessel inspection by the USCG or an authorized surveyor to verify compliance with safety standards. 

Receive the Official Documentation Number from the USCG

Once we approve your application and you meet all requirements, we will provide you with the number, which you must display on the vessel for identification purposes.

Tedious and Time-Consuming 

Documenting your vessel can be tedious and time-consuming. It may be true. However, if you use our documentation service, the process can be smooth. With the proper guidance from our experts and our online resources, you can start and finish the process without even going out of your house. 

Yes, you do not have to leave your house just to submit your application. Just go to the links listed on the left side of this page. If it is your first time to document your boat, you may use the Initial link. But if it is for renewal, just click the Renewal tab. After clicking the link, you will be redirected to the proper page. Just fill out the form and send it to us. You will receive your USCG official documentation number within a few weeks. If you are not sure what to do, please give us a call.