Guide to NOAA Boat Registry and How to Comply with the Requirements

As required by law, you need to submit your application to the NOAA boat registry to register your vessel. But not all boats are required to do so. If you own a boat and you use it for commercial fishing, research, or other activities related to marine resources, then registering it with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is necessary. 

What is the NOAA Boat Registry

 It is a database that helps track and manage vessels engaged in activities under NOAA’s jurisdiction. Registering your boat with NOAA is essential to comply with federal regulations and ensure your vessel’s lawful operation. 

Determine Legibility

Before registering your boat with NOAA, it is vital to determine if your boat is eligible for registration. NOAA primarily forces boats engaged in activities related to fisheries, marine research, and conservation. If your boat is involved in commercial fishing, research expeditions, data collection, or other activities under NOAA’s jurisdiction, then it is likely eligible for registration. 

Gather Required Information 

To complete the registration, you will have to gather certain information about your boat. This includes your boat’s name, official number, hull identification number, dimensions, propulsion type, and fishing permits or other relevant licenses. You may also need to provide details about the boat’s owner or operator, like contact information and relevant professional affiliations. 

Complete the Application 

Your application can be completed online through our website. The application form will prompt you to provide the necessary information about your boat and its operation. It is important to accurately complete the application to ensure your registration is processed swiftly. 

Pay the Necessary Fee 

There is a fee associated with registering your boat with NOAA. The fee amount varies depending on the type of vessel and the activities your boat is engaged in. NOAA provides a fee schedule that outlines the applicable fees. Ensure that you pay the fee to avoid delays in the registration process. 

Maintain Updated Information 

Once your boat is registered with NOAA, it is crucial to keep the information up to date. If there are any changes in the boat’s name, ownership, or operational details, you must notify NOAA promptly. This ensures that the registry remains accurate and facilitates effective communication between you and NOAA. 

Company with Reporting Requirements

You may be required to submit period reports to NOAA, depending on the nature of your boating activities. These reports could include catch reports, research findings, fishing effort data, and other relevant information. Compliance with reporting requirements is vital to fulfill your obligations as a registered boat owner and to support NOAA’s management and conservation efforts. 

Stay Informed

You should stay informed about the changes and updates as NOAA periodically updates its regulations and requirements for all registered boats. By staying up to date, you can remain in compliance with current regulations and maintain good standing with the registry. 

NOAA Boat Registry

Boat Documentation for Your Journey

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