Going Through the Coast Guard Licensing Process

Before you move forward with the purchase of that ship you plan to use as part of your business, you want to make sure you take care of all the essential steps. You have your financing all in order if you have any partners they are satisfied, and you are ready to do what you need to with the ship to make sure it is safe and ready for action. You also need to think about what goes into the registration and licensing of your boat. While having a license to operate a boat in the water is not mandatory in many states, you want to check with your locality to see what state laws exist. You may also need to look into the Coast Guard licensing process to know what you are required to do before you start using your ship for business.

Coast Guard licensing

What to Know Regarding Licensing

What is available from the Coast Guard is not technically referred to as licensing. You will have to get registration and documentation for your boat from the Coast Guard. Just like you must register your car, your boat is required to have certification from the Coast Guard if it is being used for commercial purposes in the United States. You will need to fill out the appropriate forms and paperwork while providing all supporting documentation that is required. This can include things like the bill of sale, information on any partners in the ownership, financing and mortgage information, and more.

Dealing with the Coast Guard

Going through the Coast Guard licensing process can seem cumbersome and confusing at times. You cannot file for your initial documentation electronically, so you must mail everything to the Coast Guard. Many of the forms and supporting documents you have can contain sensitive information that you potentially expose to security risks and stolen mail. If you make mistakes on the application, it gets returned to you, and you must file again, delaying the process and delaying when you can legally have your boat in the water. Finding a better way to do things can make your life much better.

A Smooth Transaction with the Coast Guard

If you would like to have a smooth and seamless Coast Guard licensing experience, you will want to work with us here at the Maritime Documentation Center. We are unaffiliated with the Coast Guard but work with boat owners to assist with processing to the Coast Guard. We provide all the paperwork you need in electronic form so you can use your computer for everything, including transmitting information safely and securely to us. We then look at it before it gets to the Coast Guard so you know there are no errors that will cause delays. Using our website can help you get the certification you need much faster. With your registration in place, you will have nothing holding you back so you can get your business started and see some of the success you have been dreaming about.