Going Beyond the USCG Portal Service

Taking care of the boat you own goes beyond the general maintenance you must do. Sure, it is important for you to keep your boat safe and in the best running order possible, but there is also paperwork that is important for you to stay on top of when you own a boat. If you own a large recreational vessel, registering your boat is needed, either with your state or on a federal level. If you choose federal documentation, you will have to deal directly with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to get your certificate and to keep your documentation active each year. Dealing with USCG portal service is one way you can do this, but you may find that there are better and easier ways for you.

Working through the Portal

The USCG website does have links that can bring you directly to the office of the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC), the office that takes care of documentation issues. It may take some navigating on your part to find the documents you need so you can download them. Many of the documents you may need are not available for you to fill out electronically, so you need to download them, fill them out, and then mail them to the NVDC for processing. If the forms are incorrect, they are sent back to you, and you need to repeat the process.

uscg portal service

A Better Choice than the USCG Portal Service

Instead of going through the USCG portal service and dealing with the problems you can have there, here at the Maritime Documentation Center, you can find the forms you need easily on our website. We have all the necessary USCG forms on our site so you can fill them out electronically and get them done fast. The forms are then transmitted to us, where our experts check them over for accuracy before sending them to the USCG for processing.

Get Your USCG Filing Done Fast

Instead of trying to use the USCG portal service, it makes more sense to come to us here at the Maritime Documentation Center for help. Look at our home page and find the form you need to file so you can get the process rolling right away. Get your forms submitted to us and we can move the process along quickly for you, so you have your filing done in the most efficient way possible.