Getting Your Boat License Renewal

Summer is here, and there may not be a better time for you to get your boat out on the water. Whether it is to take a day trip out for fishing or swimming, or to spend a few days sailing the seas and enjoying the weather as well as the sights, you need to make sure your ship is ready to be out. You want to do more than just make sure your vessel has its safety measures in place or has been cleaned and maintained correctly. If you have documented your boat with the Coast Guard, making sure your Certificate of Documentation (COD) is current is of paramount importance. Without a valid COD, you are not allowed to have your ship in the water and run the risk of incurring fines. If you know that your COD is near expiring or has lapsed, now is the time for you to get your boat license renewal going. At the Maritime Documentation Center, we can be just the help you need with the process.

Renewal is Every Year

Some boat owners may not be aware that they are required to renew their registration with Coast Guard annually. You will need to file renewal documents each year and pay your annual fee so that you can maintain your federal registration and keep your COD active. Failing to do this means you must then register with your state as an alternative. If you neglect to do either, you run the risk of getting fined for using your boat illegally. The fines can be hefty, and you can even run the risk of getting your vessel impounded, costing you even more.

boat license renewal

How to Renew Your Boat Documents

Filing a boat license renewal with Coast Guard means making use of the proper renewal forms. If you have never had to do this before, you might get a bit confused by what the Coast Guard expects from you on the papers. You may also be wary of sending your personal information and payment information to them through the mail. That is why using our services here at the Maritime Documentation Center can be the ideal option for you. We give owners like yourself the most accessible avenue to deal with your paperwork.

Making Renewal a Snap

When you need to file for a boat license renewal, coming to us at the Maritime Documentation Center is the right decision to make. We offer quick links and access to all the Coast Guard forms you may need, including the renewal form, on all the pages on our website. You can click on the link and fill out the form on your computer screen and send it to us right away, day or night. Our system is safe and secure, using the latest encryption technology, so you do not have to worry about your information. You can even set up a renewal to occur automatically each year, so you never have to worry about getting your paperwork in on time.