Getting Your Own Documented Vessel Number

Owning a boat is something special, and it gives you the chance to enjoy travel, leisure, and vacations in a way that you may never have been able to do before. While some boat owners make their first purchase by getting a vessel from a broker or previous owner, there are others that go the extra mile and get a brand-new ship so that they are its first owners. If you have decided to get a new boat, you will want to investigate not just what type of vessel you want, but what processes are necessary if you want to register or document your boat. If you select documentation as the way to go, there are certain steps you need to follow so that you can get your own documented vessel number.

What a Documented Number Is

A documented number comes directly from the U.S. Coast Guard. The number is unique to your vessel much in the same way that the VIN number of your vehicle is unique to your car or truck. Once you acquire a documented number and a Certification of Documentation (COD), that number is permanently associated with your vessel. Even if you decide to sell your boat, later, the record of that number moves with the vessel and the new owner would be required to let the Coast Guard know that they have taken ownership so the records could be updated.

Displaying Your Documented Number

According to the regulations set forth by the Coast Guard, you are legally required to display your documented vessel number on your ship. The number must be permanently affixed to the boat so that any attempts to alter or change the number would be made visible. There are specifics that you need to follow regarding the placement, size of the numerals or letters, and location so that you adhere to the Coast Guards rules. Checking what the regulations are is something you will want to do as you begin the documentation process so that you know what to do once your application is approved and you receive your COD.

Getting Your Documented Number

If you are buying a new boat and are looking to get a documented vessel number for your ship, you can come to us for help here at Maritime Documentation Center. We are a third-party corporation that offers processing services for your applications for a COD with the Coast Guard. We offer the form you need online on our website so you can fill it out electronically. Our site is safe, secure, and uses the latest in encrypted technology so you never have to worry about your information. Once you send everything to us, we have the staff to look things over and make sure your data is accurate before it gets to the Coast Guard so you do not have to worry about errors that can cause further delays for you. Use the best way to get the COD you need so you can be part of the federal registry and have the documentation number to get your boat out in the water.