Get the Certificates You Need with Our Maritime Documents Service

When you are the new owner of a vessel, you may find yourself struggling to manage the heavy workload involved with the forms that need to be completed. One of the most important forms that you will need to submit to the Coast Guard is an application for a certificate of documentation. This is a document provided by the USCG which demonstrates that your boat is able to sail in US waters and has protection by the US outside of those waters. Obtaining the necessary maritime documents that will demonstrate purchase or sale of a vessel, movement of ownership, preferred ship mortgages and other actions will require evidence that you own and control the vessel. For that, you may sometimes require the assistance of experienced agents such as those at the Maritime Documentation Center.

Completing Forms

If you have attempted to apply for certificates from the Coast Guard without our help, then you will already know that doing the work to complete this form is one of the most frustrating things associated with owning a vessel. There are so many parts that you have to complete that it is easy to make mistakes, and the USCG will not accept forms that are not fully completed, or that don’t contain all of the required evidence. This will mean that any forms you will in which are not accepted by the Coast Guard will be returned to you, and you will have to pay to submit a brand-new form.

Understanding What You Need

You might be a ship owner, and you may have maritime experience in handling your vessel, but unless you are a full-time document clerk, you will probably not have much experience with handling paperwork or filling in complicated forms. As it is so important that you get these forms completed correctly, you will need to make sure that you take the time to answer every question that is asked, and to provide all of the paperwork that is required. This can be time consuming, and the risk of error is high for those who are not experienced.

Calling in Professional Help

Just as you wouldn’t try to fill in legal certificates by yourself, so you shouldn’t attempt to complete the USCG application forms alone. By making use of the Maritime Documentation Center and our team of professionals, you can make sure that the process is completed smoothly and without error. By hiring a team to do the practical work of checking your submission and spotting any mistakes, you can submit your form to the USCG and have it accepted at the first attempt. This not only saves you time, making the whole certificate application experience much quicker and easier, but you can also save money and avoid making errors. Our team can make sure that you deliver a smart, precise application to the Coast Guard, and give you the tools that you need to make sure that it is accepted by the Documentation Center. So, when you need help with maritime documents, phone our team today at (800) 535-8570 or email for more information.