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So you have decided to start a marine business venture, perhaps using a ship in order to carry goods from one side of the world to the other, or to take people on pleasure cruises. Whatever you want to do with your boat, the important thing is to understand that you need to make sure that your boat is correctly registered so that you can operate as you wish legally. Getting the correct US Coast Guard documentation will ensure that your business begins smoothly.

Legal Requirement for Registration

Once you have bought your boat, you need to register your vessel. This allows you to sail through US.. waters without inhibition, and will ensure that you are not bothered by the Coast Guard when you are operating. You need to obtain a registration paper known as the certificate of documentation, which proves that you have enlisted your commercial vessel with the Coast Guard. If you do not obtain this paperwork, then your boat will likely be searched and prevented from travelling each time you move in and out of US waters. You may also face heavy fines.

US Coast Guard Documentation Portal

Applying For Documentation

As there are so many businesses in the US operating marine trade and services, you would think that the Coast Guard would offer you an easy-to-use service, but in fact the truth is very different. Applying for documentation through the Coast Guard official portal requires you to fill out a series of forms, attach the documentation, and then mail the documents to the Coast Guard. This can be very demanding, and of course if you make any mistakes then the Coast Guard will simply return your application without registering you.

Working Towards Your Registration

If you don’t want to risk applying through the official portal, then you should consider instead using the Maritime Documentation Center. By completing your forms online with us, and uploading your evidence to our site, you can obtain US Coast Guard documentation certificates much more easily. We can also check your paperwork for errors, allowing you to correct mistakes before they are sent to the Coast Guard.

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